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Name: Ankhu Anek

Age: 26

Appearance: Standing at 6'3, Ankhu wears the deep blue colors of the Thousand Sons. Ankhu keeps his head shaved, showing a tattoo of the Great Manipulator on his scalp. His eyes are a deep set of emerald green. Ankhu enjoys adorning his armor with his personal fetishes: a rival psyker's skull, deeds of his accomplishments, symbols of Tzeentch, etc.

Personality: Proud and merciless, Ankhu is a feroucious warrior. Ankhu would gladly sacrifice the entire galaxy if it would grant him a shard of Tzeentch's plans. Ankhu's ambitious goals keep him seperated from any fellow warriors, viewing almost all other psyker's as nothing close to his prowess.

Background: Hailing from Sigma VII, a hive planet, Ankhu Anek grew up within the underhive of the capital hive. Misery, murder, and chaos were all that the hellish domain Ankhu and his kin called home offered them. From a young age, his parents kept him hidden whenever the rare Arbites patrol. When asked why, all they told him was that he was special, and that the evil men in white would take him away forever if they found him. By the time he had turned 16, Ankhu was running with the gangs. During a shootout at a local watering hole between Ankhu's gang and a rival gang, Ankhu had the first experience of what made him so "special".

Crouching under a collapsed pillar, Ankhu was reloading his autogun as he suddenly siezed up; his eyes rolling back into his head as a trickle of blood came down his nose. When he regained his composure, he slammed another clip into his rifle and wiped the blood off on his arm. Ankhu began seeing feet from behind the hauler approaching soon after. Without thinking, Ankhu flung his hand out and felt a tidal wave of energy flow towards. With a huge explosion, the propane tank behind the debris hurled the gutted hauler away and destroyed any trace of the enemy gangers.

Standing up, Ankhu's heart sank and then froze in his chest as he saw the bullet-ridden corpses of his fellow gangers and then the men that had killed them. Instead of the gruff scum he expected to see, a party of no more than 15 stood with their weapons pointed at him. A tense moment passed before Ankhu realized he was still alive and that a several of the unknown men were approaching him. As the men stopped in front of him and took off their hoods, Ankhu saw the men's face. 2 of them wore tattoo's of a raven on their faces and bore the signs of mutants. The leader though displayed no signs of mutation. Moreover, he bore a face that seemed easy to overlook, like he was just another one of the nameless masses of the hive. Introducing himself as the Patriarch, he explained that they had sensed Ankhu within the empryean. Not knowing what he was talking about, Ankhu felt his gun slacken from his fingers and fall. Instead of hearing the clatter of the gun hit the floor, Ankhu watched in amazement as the gun floated at his feet and slowly roase. Smiling, the Patriarch told him he was a gifted psyker and that he must come with the True Way to survive. With nowhere else to go, Ankhu followed the True Way.

The next 10 years of his life were spent learning of his power, of the warp, and the Great Changer within it. Tzeentch. That was the word they used to describe what they served. Whenever he wasn't learning to control his power, he and his fellow True Way brethren were out serving Tzeentch: burning buildings, raiding supply caravans and recruiting more followers of Tzeentch. Rising through the ranks, Ankhu learned of the goal of the True Way from the Patriarch one night. In a hushed whisper, the Patriarch explained the plan to bring the god sorcerors to them. Coordinating a mass assault from all the cult's cells, which had by now grown into a very influential and powerful cult, at the librarius within the upper hive, Ankhu and the Patriarch led their warbands deep through the house guard of the governor and the arbites.

As they breached the doors leading inside, Ankhu followed the Patriarch as he seemed to insticitvely follow an invisible trail. After dispatching the librarians, Ankhu watched as the Patriarch pulled a key from the head librarians neck and walked over to a wall containing display cases of various items. The sounds of gunfire drew closer with each passing second as Ankhu and the remaining 8 members of the warband drew next to the Patriarch as he unlocked the casing and removed a crown from the glass. Holding it up, the Patriarch explained this was the key to their goal but they would need the holy sacrifices to summon the god sorcerors. Stepping next to the Patriarch, Ankhu watched as the remaining warrior-mutants nodded as one and fell on their own blades. With a sick smile on his face, the Patriarch turned to Ankhu expecting him to follow suite. Drawing his blade, Ankhu only briefly pointed the dagger at himself before turning it and driving it deep into the Patriarch's neck.

As he watched the man's lifeblood flow onto he crown, Ankhu fell to the ground himself, blood flowing from his eyes, nose, and ears. A splitting pain lanced through his mind as a fiery image was burned into his mind; giants walking towards him, the symbols of Tzeentch on their armor. It was too much for him to handle and Ankhu felt the darkness claim him.

Waking up, Ankhu looked out to see the sun setting. Jumping to his feet, Ankhu realized how quite it had become; not even the sounds of gunfights. Looking down at the corpses, he saw that they were icy blue and showed obvious signs of rigor mortis. Wondering how long he had been out, Ankhu pushed the doors of the librarium open.

With his mouth wide open, Ankhu stared in wonder at the god sorcerors standing lifelessly in a line in front of him. As he stared at them, Ankhu also saw the mounds of corpses in the background; imperial scum and his own brethren too. As he gripped the crown in his hands, a lone giant stepped from the line. Though he spoke no words, Ankhu felt the sorceror look down at the crown in his hands and then feed the words into his mind. He had been chosen. He would be tested to see if he was worthy of the Thousand Sons. Handing the crown to the giant, Ankhu followed behind them as they began to disembark for the stars...

Weapons: Bolt Pistol and Force Sword

Powers: Energy Manipulation

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