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Default Honour and Duty

Honour and Duty
Introduction –The Calm before the storm
‘Honour bound, duty held and oath sworn, we are the protectors and shall live, fight and die to prove it’ - Sergeant John Eberstark 152nd Regensburg Brigade.

As I read over the famous quotes a slick smile grew on my face which was quickly wiped off as my parents walked into the room so I quickly crunched up the recruitment leaflet into my back pocket and greeted them with a handshake and a hug . Little did they know my hold all bag was packed upstairs ready to ship off to basic; it had everything I needed in it, the few clothes I owned and my personal documents.
“Mum, dad your back early?” my voice shook, nerves where kicking in. I needed to tell them.
“What’s wrong son? You look worried” my father stood strong and stern and his voice still put the fear of the Emperor into me.
“I’ve decided....I’ve decided to err...” I couldn’t say it, it felt like a massive pressure building up inside me.
“Spit it out! Why are you always a damn girl about everything?” Yelled my father, he was always on my case about having no guts or pride, nothing I ever did was good enough.
“I’m joining the Korp dad! So just get off my freakin’ back!” I exploded with 19 years of built up rage.
“I’m leaving in an hour, I’m sorry” I turned away as my mother wept and my fathers face turned blood red, speechless he clenched his fist and hammered it down onto the table before storming out of the house and driving off.
I walked up stairs and looked around my bedroom for the last time, plain white room with few furnishings and a bed. I wouldn’t miss this dull middle class life. I picked up my washed out grey bag and slung it over my shoulder, I closed the door to my old life as I walked towards my new one.

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