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1. Since 89 playing original space marine epic scale, space hulk and space crusade.
2. Fluff is what makes me want to play the game.Without the fluff of the 40k universe it would just be another tabletop game.
3. I devour anything I can get my hands on. HH, gaunts ghosts, eisenhorn, UM omnibus, ravenor, inquisition war, ig omnibus, word bearers series, Storm of iron, Lord of the Night, shira calpurnia omnibus. It is all good, even the poor ones, if it is in the 40K setting I want to read it. Plus Imperial armour 1,2,5,6,7 and the updates. Collected visions and the Inquisition referance book(cannot remember the exact title). And the original space marine(epic rulebook), there were some great fluff bits in there.
4.Rogue trader, second ed(all) 3rd ed chaos(don't have it any more) 4th ed chaos,nids, demonhunters, witchunters, ig, current nids, chaos, demons, ig. All versions of the wargear book and all versions of the rules from 1st to 5th.
5. Not much for postulating my own theories but evaluating those that are put forward is something I really enjoy.
6. I really want to find out what happened to the missing legions and to see the development of each and every legion in the horus heresy. The funny thing is that while reading the hh books I support the loyalists. But in the current time period I am a staunch chaos man.

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