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Originally Posted by Kai'n View Post
I love the Space hulk terminators.:D and the chaplain that you painted at my house looks AWSOME! The "Chaplain grey" looks very good on that modell!
Cheers mate Thanks for the comment!

You should really check out his thread, cause he is kind if new to the hobby, and any tips would be to great help! https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...589#post713589

Things to paint:

2x Black Templars

2x Assault Marines

4x Servitors (Repaint for two of them)

2x Techmarines (Repaint)

1x Thunderfire canon (Repaint)

2x Space Marine Captains (Repaint)

1x Dreadnought (Repaint)

30x Tactical Marines (25 need a repaint, the rest are unpainted for now...)

5x Devastators

1x Imperial Guardsman (Test model, a tank commander stuck to a base)

1x Imperial Guard Commisar (Repaint)

5x Space Marine Scout Snipers (3 of them need a repaint, and two need painting)

10x Space Hulk Terminators

+ some random Xeno stuff

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