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Default Forces of the Emperor

Ok, hello everyone! I made this project log for two reasons:

1: To showcase the models I paint, all of them belong to the Emperor. (May his name be blessed.)

2: To keep myself inspired to paint. If i have no one to show my models to, I usually loose the interest to paint, so I am hoping for a hell of C&C to keep me painting!

Ok, here is what I have painted recently, or, mostly, the Libby is a bit old, last winter I think ...

Here I have a quick picture of the models I will be showing you now, in a big group picture!

Lets get stuck in with the individual ones then:

This is my Chaplain with a Jump Pack, and he is one of my favorites this far! I painted him over at my friends (Kai`n) house in a quite short moment actually, maybe 20 min, and thats the fastest one of these. The armor is a 50/50 mix of Codex Grey and Chaos black made by Kai`n for his battlesuit, and I liked it, so I used it for the armor. Nothing else really special, but I like the text written on the purity seals and those kinds of places. The red parts are there cause I want him to be part of the 7th company, not sure of what chapter yet, but possibly the Scythes of Faith, my DIY chapter.

This is my Librarian, and as you might notice his staff is broken, and I have not found the end... Damn... But what ever. I will be replacing it with something that makes it look like a Scythe probably... The armor was base coated in Regal Blue, and the Ultramarines blue was painted onto it to make it brighter. The favorite part of the model is the face in my opinion, as it is the only face that I have painted that actually looks like a face...

Ok, this is actually an old model, my first Grey Knight actually and the first time I used metalics, ever, it is the reason why the Bolt weapons I have are not Codex Grey anymore trust me, before last january I would not have touched any metalics, but I happened to pick up the Codex, and I also wanted a mini, so I got this one. When the shop manager asked if I had any Boltgun metal and Chainmail for it, I said no, and he gave them to me for free!!!! So, when I got home I tried them and this is the result, not bad IMO... I have re-painted the sword as you might notice if you compare him to older pics of him...

This is my favorite Grey Knight this far, I dont know why, but I love him! Painted like the guide in Codex: Daemonhunters says, the same goes for the Terminator

There were supposed to be pics of two other Grey Knights as well, a Justicar and a normal one... But the picture on one of them did not turn up on the web site as planned, and I cant be arsed to upload it again, as it is on the second computer, that is slow as hell, but you can see him in the group picture... The Justicar fell of his base just before the pics were taken, and I have no glue, or no metal glue, GW version, thats what I want, I will never again use some crappy glue made by some random company for my beloved minis... And the Terminator is missing his little plate that he usually has on his shoulder, it fell of when the Justicar toppled over and hit his head into him...

And here I have to of the minis that were a real pain to paint, they took five hours each, and were painted with the greatest attention ever given to a mini:

Aye, they are two Terminators from the Space Hulk boxed game, painted with my highest standards! I paid very much attention to the honors and the personal icongraphy on their shoulders, and they are painted to look like the ones painted like GW! Sorry for the bad picture quality...

This is what I had, originally there were maybe ten other pictures, but they were so crappy quality, so I could not just post them...

Any comments and criticism is highly welcome! And if you really are arsed to read this thread, then for the sake of the Emperor, post a comment, everyone has an opinion, and I want to hear yours, so please, dont be an lazy bastard! Just post! A few words are fine! Thanks!

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