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Originally Posted by Witch King of Angmar View Post
Im thinking of this list now

Lord of Tzeentch-375
Mark of TzeentchDiabolic SplendourSoporific MuskTalisman of PreservationSword of StrifeDragon HelmEnchanted Shield

Erm, I believe Dragon helm is armour, so you cant take both that and the enchanted shield, but either way you dont really need it since it just protects you from fire attacks anyway. Also I'm not too excited about the sword of strife, 40 points for 2 more streanght 4 attacks? Why not take another chaos warrior for 15 and you have the same result. Besides you dont want your sorcerer in combat anyway, cause he'll get challenged, he'll have to accept, and he will die.

Those two gifts are completly useless against lizardmen, boost your magic instead by taking third eye and a conjoined homunculus.

18 Warriors of Khorne-348
Mark of KhorneHalberdsCommand

14 Warriors of Tzeentch-254

12 Warriors of Tzeentch-242

I tend to not take a champion and instead use the points to get more warriors, cause 12 points for an extra attack isnt really all that great.

5 Chaos Hounds-45
Poison Attacks

5 Chaos Hounds-45
Poison Attacks

No problems here, but I'm not too fond of poison hounds, you have a 1/6 chance of poison with 5 attacks? Thats not that great, If you want some real poison damage, take festus and put him in a unit of nurgle with banner of rage warriors with 2HW, and then you have 25 poison attacks, and thats nothing to laugh about.

3 Chaos Ogres-190
Mark of KhorneGreat WeaponsDrummerChaos Armour

Like was said before, a bit too small try increase the size or instead take a tzeentch shrine and you have a great hold up unit and have 40 points to spend which you can use to get more warriors.
So yeah thats what I think of the list, but otherwise it is better than your previous ones.

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