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Haha, I thought it was a new thread, and was about to do the same again until I saw I'd already done it =D

Personally, I'd love to see Cathay come to the fore. Less 3 Kingdoms Era, that's over done. No - I'd prefer to look more at the time period similar to what the Empire, Breton and Tilean factions are - the 12th-14th Centuries.

Have a look at some of the factions in China at the time - Tibet was powerful, then, with units such as the R'takhrab Pai'dpungpa, (Armoured Horse Cavalry to you and me), the Song Dynasty Bei Wei Cavalry and ZhanMaDao Infantry. Followed up by Jurchen Jin Tiefutu (Iron Pagoda's/Buddhas, which wore Two Layers of armour, giving all units a run for their money). Combine that with the Qara Khitan (Mangudai?) mercenaries, they would be quite effective.

Along with a few more fantastical additions, they could make a grand new army. Dragons, Terracotta Warriors, etc.

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