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While you've found a different outlet for Markerlights, you must ask yourself a some questions:

Are you willing to burn an elites slot for a few more Markerlights, a slot hotly contested by the more versatile Crisis Suit?

At minimum with 3 suits, team leader, markerlight on the leader, drone controllers for each suit, then one marker drone for each suit, you're running 195 points. Compared with the 216 for a Pathfinder unit with a Warfish with landing gear, you have to ask yourself if you want to burn those points on the suits to get 4 markerlights, when there's a barely more expensive, more effective outlet in the Pathfinders. Also that Devilfish gets to be used for a Fire Warrior squad that didn't have one.

Until their points get reduced, I'm not interested in this different outlet for markerlights. It takes away a slot for a squad that does more damage, and it's less efficient than a different outlet in a different slot of the FoC. Relentless or not.

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