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You're going to have Sororitas in your story? That's awesome. I look forward to reading that for sure. You will probably do them justice moreso than I have. Heh.

I kinda realized the exact same thing about mine after I had finished it. But there wasn't much I could do to fix it because I was ... one...or three(can't remember) words away from the 5000 word count limit.

I was kind of hoping it would slide through the reader implying that the current battle was a decent amount but not too far after the flash back scenes because she was obviously healed of her wound enough to fight, which takes time, and yet she is a repentia which probably have short life spans(just kinda guessing) so it probably wouldn't be that far away from the other scenes.

Could be asking too much for the reader to imply I guess. Haha.

At first when I started writing I started to get afraid that the story I had in mind wouln't even make it to 4000 words. Then as I started writing I started to realize the word count was coming up fast and then I was up to and over 5000 at times before I knew it. Writing with a word count limit certainly adds to the challenge of things. It was definitely fun to do.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for commenting!
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