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Cragg was the first to burst from his firing position. Bolt pistol and chain-sword in hand, he led the charge down the hill into the oncoming forms of four traitor-Marines. The five other able bodied Space Marines of the Stone Judge Chapter followed Brother-Sergeant Cragg down the hill, combat knives and bolt pistols in hand, bellowing the battle-cry of their beloved chapter, degenerating into a blood-curdling roar as they sprinted into the fray.

Although the demon-worshippers were shod in power armor and empowered by unknown warp-spawned magic, Brother-Sergeant Cragg and his scouts were infused with inhuman strength and rage, a rage kindled millennia ago. The Emperor was watching Cragg and his scouts, they all knew this much. They would not fail their father. They could not fail their Chapter.

“For the glory of the Emperor!” bellowed Cragg as he fell upon a Chaos Space Marine, tackling the armored behemoth to the ground. Where he had found the strength to accomplish such a feat was unknown, even to Cragg. Every sinew of Cragg’s being strained to subdue his prey, who fought back savagely, landing a blow to Cragg’s face which would have shattered a mortal man’s skull. Straddling the heretic, Cragg slashed and slammed mercilessly into its helmet with his chain-sword while firing round after round into the traitor’s chest plate. Initially his sword sparked against the power armor, showering Cragg in sparks and red flecks of ceramite. Eventually though, the flecks of armor were replaced with blood and gore. Smashing his foe into a crumpled wreck of flesh and metal, Cragg rose to his feet, face and torso drenched in the blood of his ancient enemy.

As he rose, Cragg caught a glimpse of Ignatius and Cygrin locked in melee with a Chaos Marine, firing with bolt pistols and slashing with combat knives, all the while deftly dodging and parrying lunging slashes from the traitor’s keening chain sword. Roth and Tarn were faring similarly well, the only sign that the situation was not in hand was a brutal gash across Tarn’s cheek from the heretic’s blade.

Rin was not faring as well. He was holding his arm where the Chaos Marine had hacked into it with his chainsword, his camo jumpsuit drenched in blood.

Cragg immediately ran to Rin’s aide, but before he could reach his Scout’s position, Rin was dead. A kick from the traitor had laid Rin flat on his back, the wind knocked out of his lungs. The heretic had closed quickly, standing over Rin and impaling him with his weapon.

His blood boiling, Cragg roared a challenge at the Chaos Marine. “Come and find the Emperor’s justice, you heretic! You bastard!”

The traitor turned to face Cragg, but not before crushing Rin’s chest with his armored foot and pulling his chainsword free. Immediately Cragg realized this was the leader of the Chaos Marines. He stood a full head taller than Cragg, his armor blood red with bright brass fittings. Fetishes of some unnamable Chaos god adorned his body and his face looked like a skull with skin stapled in place. This would be his biggest challenge yet, and Cragg readied himself.

They stood not ten meters apart, swords clenched in hand and spent bolt pistols discarded.

Cragg was the first to move, bolting headlong for the traitor-Marine who had just mutilated one of his battle-brethren. Closing the gap quickly, Cragg swung hard with his chainsword in a downward arc, intending to catch the Chaos Space Marine in the neck and decapitate him. To his surprise, the traitor deftly side-stepped Cragg’s lunge and parried the slash away.

“You have some skill, for a hell-spawned bastard!” spat Cragg, as he regained his footing and squared to his opponent, circling to his right.

“And you as well, mortal” said the Chaos Marine.

His voice was inhuman, demonic. Or at least what Cragg imagined a demon would sound like. Bother-Sergeant Cragg wondered how long this traitor had served the ruinous powers. What gifts his blood-god had given him.

“I trust you will not die as easily as your comrade” spoke the traitor.

“I trust you will die as easily as yours!” was Cragg’s reply. He launched a second slash at the power-armored behemoth, hoping to catch him unawares and distracted by their impromptu conversation. This attack was only a feint by Cragg, hoping for the Chaos Marine to circle into a side-long slash. But this time, the heretic blocked Cragg’s blade with his own. Chainswords keening against each other, Cragg had to act quickly else he suffer Rin’s fate. With a flick of his thumb, Cragg reversed the direction of his chainsword’s teeth. Using this opportunity, Cragg disarmed his opponent with a twist and push of his blade. Taking a step back and grasping his sword with both hands, Cragg delivered a blow to his now weaponless opponent’s neck, severing his head and sending it flying several meters. "The Emperor protects" murmured Cragg as he flipped his chainsword to idle.

The honor of his Chapter and the Emperor maintained, Cragg surveyed his scouts and their progress. Both of the remaining Chaos Space Marines were dead, with only minor wounds suffered by his scouts. The only casualty of the melee was Rin, who's body would be taken to the extraction point for internment on their home world.

Gathering his Marines, Cragg explained the remainder of the mission and timetable. The team would have to demo the Chaos artifact and exfiltrate from this location within the next two hours. Time was of the essence.

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