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I've had quite an industrious week recently and have several different uniyts on the go at the moment. More black orcs to make the unit useful, 50 night gobbos, fanatics, shaman, might start another giant.

Here's some of the more complete stuff to keep you occupied.

Boar Boyz: Have not done the banner on these guys yet. Haven't found a design I'm happy with on paper yet. I freehand all my banners and they all follow a similar style. Plain colour background, Icon and edged cheques/dags. This one will mostly end up like my wolf riders with a boar skull in place of the wolf.

Chariot: This was actually painted a while ago but I hardly everfield it as I only have the one and previous to 8th it'd just get exploded. With the changes to the rules I've started to squeeze it in to see how it goes.

Wolf Riders: These guys are truly awesome. Fast Cav get the funky start of game move, and although you cannot charge you CAN use Hand Of Gork to get them in combat. Very effective. Only 9 are painted as Trashcan (my painting buddy and 6 month old kitten) managed to bat the champion onto the floor before they were undercoated and i only noticed he was missing as I started to paint.

Gobb Big Boss: Painted up the little gobbo with the big gun from further up the page. Still keep forgetting to pop him in an army though so he's yet to shoot anybody.

more pics after the wekend when I get the Night Gobbos to a photographing stage.

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