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Originally Posted by dewn_moutain View Post
don, 25 years? really? nice. i was at fort bragg.

... .
Bragg, huh? I'm sorry. I was there TDY twice, both times for boards. First time I show up, rental car authorized, and Bragg says OK, here's a CUCV (Blazer), that's your rental car. Second time the airline lost my luggage. So I'm sitting on the board the next day in bluejeans and t-shirt. I think it was a bit disconcerting for some of the soldiers appearing before the board.................

Anyways, I was just repeating what someone else had already pointed out earlier in the thread, so he gets credit for being 'first'. But yeah, this is a long standing debate. And sure, sometimes it is fun to run everything secret. But the default is what's in the transport is revealed. There's even a suggestion (yes, just a suggestion) on page 64 that you put a model from the transported unit on top of the transport. So there's RAI right in the rulebook....................

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