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alright, kids are in bed. whew...

so, don did point out to me what the "to keep things fair" part of the paragraph was in relation to, and how it affected "the spirit of". So i am man enough to say thanks for pointing that out to me.

And, to keep this from spinning around and around and around....

yes, in all fairness, open disclosure, in tournament setting, is the way to go.

yet, the last sentence of the paragraph in question quite simply says "the choice is yours". so, If im at my friends house, drinking some beers and playing the game, we will keep the rosters to ourselves and try to outwit each other. If im at the local game store, playing for fun, ill ask my opponent, since its a two way street for good sportsmanship.

Now, for my next question,

whats the deal for the bolter? whats the story behind it? If you have any knowledge about it, i threw up a post (it didnt taste well) in the fluff section...

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