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Originally Posted by dewn_moutain View Post
ok, so i got home, and after spending some time with the family, i pulled out the bible and paged through it, referencing the pages deathscythe stated. pg 94 states that you need to declare if your transports ARE transporting anyone, and if a independent character is attaching to a unit or not.
page 92 states says alot of things, but ill hit the key points of discussion.
first line, "... you SHOULD (not must) always allow your opponent to read your force roster AFTER (not before) a game. In the SAME SPIRIT (not have to), always make clear to your opponent which squads are embarked in which transport vehicle." blah blah blah, more fluff, "...Some players PREFER {not demand or have a right to} full disclosure (which is the norm at tournaments, for example), as they want to outmaneuver the enemy rather than spring a secret trump. Others prefer secrecy around lists, as bluffing can make the game really entertaining."

And now, here is something i need to point out, so i shall make it in bold, caps, and add some faces to it to emphasize the importance of this statement


So, what it all boils down to.... [drum roll]

...is whether or not you wish to show off your super awesome force or if you want to be all secret squirrel.

myself, when i deploy, i dont want to see a persons list. and i dont give out my list. ill tell the guy/girl if i am exactly at X amount or under it by so many, just to let them know its kosher, but thats it. the only thing i want to know from my opponent is the army and how close they are to points. Heck, when we deploy, if i go first, ill deploy, and then turn my back while they set up, so that its a true surprise to me.

but hey, i want to shouts out to everyone who chimed in with advice. thanks for the points of views, and the info i needed. i look forward to posting my next question.
Exept you left off the first part of the first line, "To keep things fair", which is what the "In the same spirit" refers to. It does not refer to the "should" or "after the game". It refers to the first part of the sentence, "To keep things fair". Kills your whole argument, doesn't it? To repeat, in the same spirit is NOT referring to after the game or any such, it's refering to "To keep things fair". And there is no wiggle room for choosing in the line regarding transports. "always make clear". No "should", no choice, just "always". So no, by the rules, there is no choice.

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