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Originally Posted by ChaosSpaceMarineGuy View Post
You are reading it RAW. Think about it as RAI and then you will understand. Plus, what the hell is the point of transports if your opponent knows what's in them? No point at all. Logically speaking, there is no way in hell that you will know what is in your enemies transports unless they get out/in or pop through the hatch. Shoot it and find out.

I am not going to clutter up this persons thread anymore.
Ummm, no, according to discussions with the guys that wrote it (ie Jervis etal in a Games Day staff open forum discussion and over beers afterwards), he's reading it RAI. It's in there specifically to prevent cheating gits from trying to play the transport shell game, especially now that anyone can ride in anyone else's transport. Reason I asked them is I was the head rules judge at the GW Games Day Baltimore RTT, kinda needed to make sure I had things right...................

As for your no way in hell statement, I'll disagree and put my 25+ years of Intelligence experience against whatever your using to draw your conclusion. BTW, been there, done that. Exercise at Fort Hood, told the unit commander where his vehicles were, who was in them, etc etc. Combination of scouts observation, radio intercepts and arerial imagery. So yeah, it can be done.


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