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Originally Posted by ChaosSpaceMarineGuy View Post
@ forkbanger- I have no disagreement with the revealing roster lists after game. Keep in mind that when something says "in the same spirit" then you need to look at the previous sentence(s) and if you do then you will see the "you should" and once again it does not mean you have to or else it would say "you must."

To keep things fair, you should always allow your opponent to read your force roster after a game. In the same spirit, always make clear to your opponent which squads are embarked in which transport vehicles.

That's what 'in the same spirit' means in this paragraph. Your opponent always gets to check your army list (before or after, at the agreement of players), and it should always be clear to your opponent which units are in which transport.

If you want to dick around keeping lists and tranported units super squirrel secret, it's up to you and whoever you play against; but it's not in the rulebook.
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