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Absolutely no need to assemble a model before painting.. I am currently in the middle of painting a Tyranid army and it was as if their limbs were designed to get in the way of painting..

Here is a small tip for you though if you are going to put limbs, backpacks and weapons on later..

Take a small piece of Sticky Tac (Blu-tac if you are in the UK) and tac the two contact points you wish to glue BEFORE YOU UNDERCOAT the model.. Then ignoring the tac paint the model as you normally would. Then upon completion of all said parts remove the tac (Comes away easily) and this will leave the exposed metal, pewter, resin, plastic which will form a better longer lasting bond than gluing coats of paint together...

This is especially good for use with plastic glues but works great with superglue too..

Hope this helps...
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