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Default Why should I fully assemble a model before painting?

So Iím still really new to the whole hobby and I assumed that it was best to only do partial model assembly before painting in such a way that overlapping parts donít prevent me from being able to paint all the nooks of the model. But all of the painting guilds that Iíve read including the GW ďHow to paintÖĒ book say to assemble the whole model first and then start painting. This seams wrong to me as doing so would leave some visibly unpainted areas all because by assembling the model your preventing your own access to those areas. So why do these guilds tell me to assemble first and then paint?

Specifically, Iím working on a box of sm sniper scouts right now, and If I was to fully assemble them their legs would get in the way of getting some parts of their inside clocks, or gluing their heads in place would prevent me from painting the inside of their collars or the back side of their necks and heads. And then putting their weapons in place would also keep me from getting to some small areas around their chest.
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