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Originally Posted by ChaosSpaceMarineGuy View Post
You were probably reading it a RAW instead of taking into consideration the RAI.
At the expense of sounding like "THAT GUY", if GW wanted things to be "as intended", they should've written them out, and made them RAW.

I am not a rules lawyer, far from it. I am all about the fun of the game. I just get giddy at the idea of seeing my opponent shooting at a rhino that has nothing in it and watch his face go from confusion to astonishment as i drop a drop pod right next to the unit that shot up the empty rhino. (i spent 4 years in the Army, in a unit that was all about misdirection and shock and awe tactics. When we would get together to play some 40K, we would push the rules to the limit. When you're in the military, you get very good at memorizing regulations and using them to your advantage when its needed. It rubbed off into other areas of my life.)
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