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question about dedicated transport

so i have a space marine army. and i am looking to add in some trans for them. but as i was reading it, i had some theories that i want to post and see if its possible to do.

theory 1) it is possible to purchase 2 razorbacks for a 10man squad who has broken into combat squads.

theory 2) if you really wanted to, you could purchase a rhino/razorback and a drop pod and at deployment, decide which trans would your squad ride in. the rules only state that a dedicated transport can only be used by the chosen squad, BUT they dont have to be in it at the start of the game. Once the game starts, it can be used by anyone. So aside from the obvious points cost, i think it would be a tactical gain, since the enemy wont know if your troops are in the rhino/razor or falling from the sky.

yes, i know theory 2 is total cheese of the rules and takes the fun out of the game, but ive gone up against guys who have done alot worse just so they can "get the win". so i thought a little payback to them was in order.
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