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Chapter 1 – Planet fall -
The hull of the ship screamed in agony as the atmospheric pressure crushed the ceramite plating, the assault craft glinted through the midnight sky of Orpheus Prime looking like nothing more than a shooting star in the deep velvet blanket that held many star showers. Inside the metallic coffin lay the six Angels, a small twirling red light beamed overhead and left a dull glow on the behemoth’s inside.

The armoured goliaths had their heads dipped in prayer, clad in artificer armour from head to toe and wearing the ominous death masks they all spoke in sync a prayer to the Emperor and to Sanguinus. Low musky voices that heralded a fine tuned soul of a warrior, never speaking more than they needed to, only uttering words when necessary.

Leonatius was once a talkative and well humoured man, now he bowed his head in silence, never articulating more than necessary and only ever opening his lips to utter commands and orders to his men. None the less he led his angels into battle commanding them like a god, never faulting in his commands. The angels knew his ways and respected him. Maybe it was respect with just a touch of fear.

“Planet Fall ETA...60 seconds” Crackled a wiry voice over the intercom before static cut off the transmission.
A final prayer was said and the men began to ready themselves as the pressure inside the cabin became greater and greater, the heat nearing unbearable temperatures even for the mighty Astartes.

The clicks of bolters gave off no noise as everything was being drowned out by the explosion of sound inside. The light over head flashed amber twice, when it flashed green the men where safe to descend.

“Green light.. go!” roared Leonatius before standing and seemingly swan diving out of the craft. As if choreographed the angels fluttered through the night sky as one, streaming through the high trees of Orpheus Prime and gracefully landing on the herbaceous ground. Leaves and twigs littered the floor along with a variety of shrubs and fungi. Echoing barks of the planets indigenous animals bounced around the woodland only to be halted by a sudden down pour of extreme rain. Crashing down through the heavy tree canopy like it was paper. But it virtually bounced off the perfectly crafted suits of armour surrounding the Angels.
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