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STO was a massive letdown for me. They took a solid IP and made it nothing but shiny, shallow gameplay. The space combat part is the only slightly redeeming factor, and even that is a spacebar-mash session.

EVE is a unique game in that it's totally open, and essentially anything goes. You have to get in the mindset that you are actually in that universe - think ruthless and you'll be fine. There are two games in EVE - PVE and 0.0 corp. In my opinion, EVE doesn't even get started until you get into a 0.0 corp. Being on comms, owning space, and fleet warfare are the only way to fly. No rules, no security hit, no CONCORD stepping in....

I've got 2 EVE accounts. I use one for marketing (2 toons, each sitting in market hub) an the other slot exists simply to build characters to sell. My other account is my PVP toon and my cyno alt. Feed them isk from the marketing character so I don't have to worry about ratting or other useless skills. The two accounts pay for themselves (you can use in-game money to purchase 30-day game time cards called PLEX's) by playing... so no money out of pocket.

If anyone ever needs a 21 day trial invite just lemme know
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