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Well, the Adepta Sororitas fit antigrav suspensors to their heavy bolters to make them less unweildy (50lb heavy bolter instead of its actual 150lb weight)... I would imagine the Inquisition has access to such suspensors, so it would be more up to the Inquisitor in question of whether he/she wants to hang it over the fireplace as decoration, or carry it into battle, based on their preferred method of combat. And I think given how the Inquisition works, nobody's going to hold a gun to the back of your head and tell you to use the hammer (except, well, maybe a more powerful Inquisitor who insists it's your duty to carry your badge of office, like all Chaplains have Crozius Arcanums... and now C:SM says your chappy is armed with one and can't swap it for nothing.)
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