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When an Inquisitor is raised to rank within the Ordo Malleus, they receive a daemonhammer, which is the symbol of the Ordo. It's pretty much an epic version of a hammer and I can imagine how heavy that thing is. The question is what if you can't pick it up? If you are an Ahmazzi-esque Inquisitor and you don't walk around with power-armor. Or if frankly you don't have the arm strength to haul that thing around? Just stick it in the closet?

"You do not need to look to the stars to find the greatest obstacle this Conclave faces, my brothers. Simply gaze around this room and you will find such a sea of discord as to make your foes cackle with glee." - Inquisitor Eistus Gracker in address to the Calixian Conclave

"There are dark pitted corners of our universe that have bred the most unfathomable horrors and blasphemies that would burn and blind the sanest man. Fortunately sanity has never been a prerequisite of membership in the Holy Ordos." - Inquisitor Silas Marr
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