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Default LOTR Questionable Corner

Okay, seeing as so many of these are about, I figured, why not do one for LotR?

Okay, you probably know the drill by now, but if you've been living under a box for the last year or so or have avoided any other forum, here's the Rules for "Lord of the Rings Questionable Cornnnneerrr!" (I sound like a gameshow announcer now)


You can only answer a single question correctly each day, this is to prevent the same handful of people dominating the ‘quiz’ and allow everyone to have a fair shot.

For example: If I was to submit 3 questions in one post you would have to choose which one to answer rather than being able to answer them all, the same with any other questions I post on that day.

If you receive Rep from me please don't come on the thread to announce it before I post stating that question has been answered, try to keep off-topic talk to a minimum as well.

If you disagree with how I judge the answers given- sucks to be you I’m not forcing you to play, this is just meant to be a bit of fun and hopefully educational.

Everyone will need to quote the whole question in their post (along with the answer obviously), rather than just the number. This is just to make things easier for the host. Anyone not abiding by this rule from now on, will not recieve their reputation - even if they answered the question correctly Much appriciated.

Ovbiously, I'm changing things to fit the LotR 'verse. Also, thanks to Baron Spikey and Child of the Emperor.

Question One: How many Wizards (Istari) were there that came to Middle-Earth orginally? (+1 Rep)

Question Two: Where was the seedling for the white tree of Gondor that Gandalf helped Aragon to find? (+2 Rep)

Let the games begin! .

Rep Owed (for the purpose of keeping track on what I owe to who):
Ratvan, +3
spanner94ezekiel, +3
Zodd, +3

~Bane of Kings

Just a note that deathbringer and myself have taken over the running of this Questionable Corner (myself and deathbringer will be taking it in turns to ask questions now) - Red Corsairs

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