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Originally Posted by DonFer View Post
I have a new one: What ever happened to the Knight, a one-man version of a Titan? Sounds like a lot of fun to have an "exo-skeleton" capable of carrying one Titan weapon.
Well they might not feature heavily in 40k fiction, just as with the rest of the Mechanicus' forces, I imagine they're still around on certain Forge Worlds as defensive forces. With the mighty Titan Legions and the other diverse Imperial Organisations they don't really fulfil a role that can't be covered by something else to risk sending them to fight in off world campaigns.
Originally Posted by Androxine Vortex View Post
I'm sorry for posting this before but I didn't get an answer (the over 9000 didn't count )

How long does it take for a man to become a space marine? This means from selection all the way until fully-fledged and ready for battle!

How long do techmarines have to train on mars?

It really depends on the Chapter, some like the Ultramarines start their aspirants off at training camps at around age 6-7 but the successful ones won't start to receive their implants until about age 12-13.

They of course won't be full Scouts until about age 18-19 at which time they'll usually stay in the Scout Auxillia for at least 4 years but it could be as much as 20-25 years depending again on the Chapter.

So if I give you a min/max style thing would that help?

The minimum time from aspirant to battle brother would be about 8 years (if we have a 14 year old aspirant, and he's only a Scout from 18-22).

The maximum, again in general, could be about 37 years (if we go with a 6 year old aspirant, and he's a Scout for 25 years).

8-37 years is a nice range, but it's extremely difficult to narrow down further as it varies so wildly because of an individual's suitability or a Chapter's predilection etc.

Note: And of course some Scouts never become Battle Brothers, but that very rare.

Phew- it's hard work being a fluff 'go to guy'.
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