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Originally Posted by HorusReborn View Post
hey hey now I never decided to bring the thread down... it's just a little Annoying and frustrating to think maybe your brought something new out only to see more "BEWBS" or BOOOOOBBBBss stuff like that. This was not an attack on your work or your efforts per se. The fact that I think you've wasted your time with covering up the boobs is that I thought they looked great without being covered up. Nipples or no, They're demons.... They all can't be "human anatomy" correct. You don't suck as a sculptor, I think you've done a great job. Your efforts to cover them up are great too, but misplaced and a waste of time IMO because your boobs on these gals looked great.

Don't get so jumpy when someone doesn't say "wooooaaaahhh Titties... yeeeeaaahhh man" Just my thoughts
Fair enough.

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