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When I first saw the title, all I could think of was "How much wood would a Space Marine chuck if....", well you get the point.

Here are a few I've been wondering about:

- Since bolters and bolt pistols use the same 'caliber' of bolt as ammunition, is it fair to assume then that the magazines are interchangeable?

- How much ammunition does a heavy bolter's backpack contain? Given the firing rate, how quickly would a Devastator Marine deplete his load? Where is the power supply for the SM's armor: underneath the backpack?

- I seem to recall from Rogue Trader that a Space Marine's power supply also housed stabilizing jets. How effective are they? Can they be used to jump to higher, or survive a fall from a greater height?

- What is the real deal with teleporters? The rulebook states that only Terminators can use teleporters, but many of the BL books (Fallen Angels and Warriors of Ultramar to name a few) describe regular Tactical Marines getting teleported. /confuzled
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