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Originally Posted by HorusReborn View Post
must be a bunch of pre pubescent kids commenting on this.. they look good, but to drool over greenstuff titties... c'mon go get your dicks wet for christ sakes! Oh and what you've done IMO is bring your models back to what GW had done in the first place. I'm sorry man, but I think you wasted your efforts on making boobs and then covering them up!
Dude, in the first place I didn' t drool over nothing, then the problem was that they had only one boob that looked like a tumor, so I THINK that I compesated that problem by giving them 2 boobs that are at least a bit slaaneshi and for the covering stuff there are some daemonettes that are not covered and some that are halfcovered so in the end if theyre boobs are covered or not, and I DON' T care, It is better than in the beginning where they looked like the fantasy of an sexually frightened sculptor

And btw If ppl want to drool over my stuff It is not your problem or mine cuz I asked abouth theyre thoughts and I am glad that I got some positive comments, for the fact that I suck at sculpting.

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