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I also recomend the Vallejo paints, I personally bought the big box set of 50 or so paints for $200 and something. Set will last me a long time one or two drops will let you go through several minis. I am thinking of purchasing some Reaper paints because I have heard a lot of good reviews on their quality and from my readings it sounds like a paint I want to add to my collection. Also they have a huge range of colors in two setups one for more watery and one more thick for different purposes. Single pots are $3 bucks not sure how big they are, but they sell sets for both ranges. Can buy one big setup with all the colors or just setup of paints you want.

Here is a link I found when I was looking for paints that give a description and the writers view point on each.


Hope my ranting helps come up with a solution to your paint choices.

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