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A few minor tidbits on the list--

The extra hand weapon on the Exalted Hero is unusable since you have a magic weapon. Instead, pick up a shield.

The sorcerer has two arcane items-- the dispel scroll counts against that limit now. The good news is, you really don't need a dispel scroll anymore. Just bring the power familiar, and you'll be good to go. You also need to choose your lore in the army list now-- for an unmarked sorcerer planning to fight Skaven, Lore of Fire is an excellent choice.

I'd toss the light armor from the Marauders-- they'll never use it. A 6+ save makes you feel a little better about life, but it's ultimately not worth its points. That'll buy you another Warrior for a unit, too. Try to run your units of Warriors at 14 with a hero-- In both 7th and in the new edition, I have had immense success with a unit that's 5x3-- Chaos doesn't function off of static scores anyway, and if it takes a round or two to break through, that's fine-- we can slog it out better than anyone, really.

As Sethis said, lose the Chosen. A unit of 5 is completely worthless. Just scatter them into your Warrior units for some visual variety for the time being-- that'll provide the models to bring you up to 14-strong in both units. Your hero leads one, the sorcerer leads the other. You could even give the sorcerer an enchanted shield if you like-- it's inexpensive and he's as good a fighter as any of your unit champions (which is quite good, to be fair), so you might as well make sure he's got the same save as his unit for the sake of not making him an easier target.

The Knights should probably have full command, too.
Despite the fact that breaking the Warhounds into two groups of 5 makes them combat ineffective, it makes them far superior screens-- and that's what they really excel at-- I'd do that, too.

Anyway, I guess that was a bit more than a little tidbit...haha...

Basically, against Skaven, you're going to use your cheap junky units (read: Warhounds) to screen your warriors against shooting and charges from annoying stuff like the Doomwheel. While they *can* shoot your Warriors over the warhounds, it's a -2 to hit on top of probably being at long range, and another -1 to hit from the Mark, so they're pretty safe behind the dogs. The dogs then become a target, so they'll panic and run through your Warriors when they break. That's fine-- you've got excellent leadership and re-roll failed panic checks for being Chaos. Basically, by virtue of doing their job, they should naturally get out of the way in time for your Warriors to charge. If not... hey, the dogs can be a first wave and maybe take a couple rats with 'em. Either way, the Warriors are protected from shooting.

Then you just wade into their ranks, and start chopping. There honestly aren't a lot of hard and fast tactics for it-- once you're within about 11'' of the enemy, the army does what it needs to do without a lot of guidance on your part by virtue of being drunk on violence. The trick is making sure your charges are set up correctly, and timing everything so you don't get countercharged in a way that's disadvantageous. By that, I mean, you don't want someone snapping you on both flanks-- one is actually ok though, because you'll make up the combat resolution difference with the additional attacks you'll throw at the unit in question, in my experience.

As far as target selection goes, you basically want your Marauders to handle the doomwheel-- they'll be stubborn against it for a couple turns, and they certainly don't care about its psychological effects. Flails will beat the everliving fool out of it, too--especially with two attacks apiece from the mark. Your Warriors ought to be headed towards the enemy battle line in general-- they just need to get into combat. What they actually engage-- Clanrats, Plague Monks, or Stormvermin-- is largely irrelevant, because they're going to absolutely MURDER them. The Clanrats and the Plague Monks are certainly easier targets, though-- the Stormvermin are WS4, so the mark of Nurgle is pretty much ineffective against them.

I'd have your Knights try to swing out to one side and intercept the Rat Ogres, which are ideally suited to flanking since they're M6 and pretty tough for what they are. Once the Knights blow through them, you're free to have the Knights ride around the back of the Skaven battle line and clean up things like the Jezzails or hit a flank of an engaged unit just to let your warriors move on to their next target.


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