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Originally Posted by AAAAAAAAARRRGGHH View Post
Wh00t?! That Daemons list is way better than mine. It can actually win an objective mission if played carefully. And Harpies are fast enough to get into CC. And they have 2 attacks base. But the Hq's are just crappe.
And the Ork list is just awesome. Although way too good in CC.
You have a point, but I don't think either list would survive long enough to win an objective mission. The epidemus + heralds + nurgling combo might just work at 500 points though.

The Ork list won't survive the shooting phase against anything besides grots. As long as the opponents don't huddle everything in one spot, the Orks won't have a chance, even if they do manage to reach something in close combat before being shot to pieces.

Here's a Space Wolf list similar to neilbatte's Shike list, which I believe is even worse than his:

Logan Grimnar [275]

3 Wolf Guard [48] x2

Iron Priest w/3 servitors and 3 cyberwolves [125]
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