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About the subject of turning a Grey Knight to chaos... Did not one deamon say to Justicar Alaric at one point, that he would make him the first Grey Knight to turn to chaos? I remember that from somewhere, and if a daemon says so, then it is probably true that no Grey Knight had turned to chaos, and at least Alaric is still a pure kick ass Grey Knight, and I am waiting for more novels about him, cause he is kick ass...

And somewhere else it was stated that Grey Knights had silver runes and spells beneth their skin and on the black carapace to protect them from chaos...

Also, a Grey Knights only wish is to have his body buried on Titan, below their fortress, so they would not turn to Chaos cause of fear or something... And they dont fear death, so they would probably do anything to prevent capture, probably blow up a nuke or something as well...

And went out the air of a GK ship, probably not, as they have psychic runes all over the place, preventing chaos to enter, or something like that, and a stronger, more heavily armoured hull on their ship, making it harder for boarding torpedoes to penetrate it... And if, and it is a damn huge if, someone would be capable of venting out the air of every section of the damn ship, then the GKs would probably still survive, as the Power Armour has enough air for a moment in the cold emptiness of space, and if the enemy would capture their ship, they would probably blow up the main reactor and escape in drop pods somewhere, or in a Thunderhawk...

And on the subject of rising their dead bodies from the dead, highly unlikely,as the Grey Knights dont leave their dead friends behind without a good reason, a very good one, so they would probably at least collect the geneseed from their dead Brother, destroy or hide his body or something like, so basically you wont find anything useful in a dead GK, or nothing at all, so that kind of screws the whole idea of rising the from the dead...

And as a Grey Knight player, I am straightly against everything that would make the GKs Chaos, as they are the purest things in the Imperium, and without them humanity would not exist anymore...

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