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A Lot of things have changed. If you haven't been to the Underhive lately then you are missing out on a lot of fun.

First thing that has changed, we changed the name of the game to Deadlands 3000. And we have made it so that it has its own domain http://deadlands3000.com how easy is that? But wait there's more...

Raiding: Players can now stalk and hunt other players in the game. To do this a Player moves around on the map looking for blue retical icons. Those icons are other players in the game. Move to the same square as the icon, and press search. You now have the option to attack that player. The winning player will get a portion of the losers credits and the loser will wake up in Rico's in Ash Flats. Anyone can hunt anyone else of any level. However there are certain areas where hunting is not allowed. These locations are: Ash Flats, Hellport, Widowmaker (not the arenas though) and the Flooded Sewer. So be careful when you travel, things can get dangerous in the Deadlands

Cage Fighting: In Widowmaker there is now a caged building where you can fight other players for fame and fortune. TO do this a player must travel to Widowmaker and enter the Caged Arena. Here you are given a list of players in your level range. You can attack any of them you like. However it costs creds to fight. The higher level of your opponent, the less it costs to fight them and the bigger the reward. The lower your opponent in levels the more it costs to fight him and less you receive in reward. Also, all your Career Wins and Losses are kept and displayed for all to see.

4 new Races, and 4 New Classes. These races and classes represent the different denizens of Deadlands 3000. Also included in the new races and classes are starting points for the new skills. You can click on the Races and Classes links at the bottom of the page to see what is new and what stats are affected

New Locations to explore
New Monsters
New Items
And a ton more new stuff...

So if you haven't been to the Underhive...opps, I mean Deadlands 3000, why don't you take a moment to peak your head in and take a look at all the cool new features. http://deadlands3000.com

Since the Underhive is no longer a "Necromunda" game per se, this will be my last post here about the game so as to respect this forum and its members. Thank you everyone for your support and hope to see you in the Deadlands.

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