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Originally Posted by ManOnTheMooney View Post

It will presumably be 1500 points, and my force will basically consist of:


Exalted Hero
AHW, Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Runesword, Bloodcurdling Roar

Do you know if he has a character designed for killing characters? If he does, consider Chaos Runeshield instead of the sword (your profile is easily enough to beat down a ratman by itself) and if he doesn't, then consider the Breath Weapon gift instead of Roar.

Chaos Sorcerer
Level 2, Power Familiar, Dispel Scroll

If you can fish out the points somewhere, get this guy the Mark of Tzeentch as top priority. If he only has one caster, then I'd suggest you don't need the scroll.

2x(12 Warriors of Chaos)
Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Command

Small units, but with him hitting on 5s, wounding on 5s and a 3+/6++ on your end then you should do very well with these.

20 Marauders
Mark of Khorne, Flails, Light Armor
10 Chaos Warhounds

I personally would drop *both* of these units in order to buy more Chaos Warriors, you should be able to make both units 18 men instead of 12 (or buy the Sorc MoT)


5 Chaos Knights (Ensorc. Weapons)
Mark of Khorne, Knight Champion, Blasted Standard

Solid, but don't be surprised if they don't make their points back - my knights so far in 8th have been rather suboptimal (but admittedly my dice rolling sucks).

5 Chosen Warriors
Mark of Nurgle/Khorne(Undecided), Halberds

I really wouldn't bother. 1 shot from a ratling gun will wipe them out, a lot of wasted points. I'd buy more Warriors/Knights instead.

Feel free to comment on the list, but I would prefer overall tips and strategies.

My friend will most likely have something like, but none confirmed:

Warlock Engineer
60 Clanrats - Your warriors can cut them up all day
20 Stormvermin - Same again, but you'll lose a couple of extra models
20 Plaguemonks - Same
2 Rat Ogres - Will die easily to your knights
6 Giant Rats - Can ignore them
3 Jezzails - Try to keep your knights away from them (duh) because they're only hitting once per turn (on average) and that's not a problem.
2 Ratling Guns - The single most irritating unit in the skaven army, in my opinion. If you can kill them with magic before they get in range, please do. Othewise there's not much else you can do apart from grimace as it eats a hole in your warriors.
Doomwheel - It's probably a long shot, but do you have a Shaggoth or Dragon Ogres? Talk about ideal an ideal target... you get frenzied, and you're immune to all of it's attacks apart from the rats.
Hope that was a little bit helpful. Try to go after the 20-man infantry units instead of the 60 clanrats, or you'll be there all day. Target priority is probably Wheel > Ratlings > 20 Man infantry units > Ogres > Clanrats so aim your magic appropriately! Good luck.

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