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Default Skaven vs. Warriors of Chaos

Me and my friend I going to be having our first showdown with out first fantasy armies sometime in the near future, and I was curious if you guys could give me some tips and pointers. I will be playing Warriors of Chaos, and it will be with the 8th ed Rules.

It will presumably be 1500 points, and my force will basically consist of:


Exalted Hero
AHW, Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Runesword, Bloodcurdling Roar
Chaos Sorcerer
Level 2, Power Familiar, Dispel Scroll

2x(12 Warriors of Chaos)
Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Command
20 Marauders
Mark of Khorne, Flails, Light Armor
10 Chaos Warhounds


5 Chaos Knights (Ensorc. Weapons)
Mark of Khorne, Knight Champion, Blasted Standard
5 Chosen Warriors
Mark of Nurgle/Khorne(Undecided), Halberds

Feel free to comment on the list, but I would prefer overall tips and strategies.

My friend will most likely have something like, but none confirmed:

Warlock Engineer
60 Clanrats
20 Stormvermin
20 Plaguemonks
2 Rat Ogres
6 Giant Rats
3 Jezzails
2 Ratling Guns

Edit: Whoops posted before finished, gimme a minute.
Edit Edit: Finished
Edit Edit Edit: Shoot, sorry guys, how do you move threads? I realized now this should be in the Tactics forum.

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