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Unless the army book or rule book says otherwise, the army can only have one copy of each spell known by any of its casters (p. 490) If one caster already knows a spell then, if it is rolled again, the caster or other caster must CHOOSE (not re-roll) another spell in the lore. This is important. You would not want or need to run three MoT casters in a WoC army , as there will typically not be enough power dice (with winds of magic) and not enough spells to go around (plus there is a risk that two of the Tzeentch lore spells with either be useless or not worth casting against many armies). A Lvl 2 and lvl 4 MoT Sorceror combo will get all six spells in the Lore of Tzeentch by default. However, I prefer to use the Lvl 2 for another lore and assume that the Lvl 4 will get at least 3 of the 4 or 5 useful spells I want with the #1 spell always being good (other than shorter range, flickering fire is better than fireball and almost an autocast with 97% probability with two power dice) and the ability to choose a spell if a duplicate is rolled. If the lvl 4 gets gateway with MoT, then the +5 casting bonus for being a lvl 4 and MoT makes gateway fairly easy to get off. For that reason, if I go with two MoT sorcerers, I would roll for the spells for the lvl 2 first and switch the gateway spell for the first spell of the lore leaving gateway for the lvl 4 to automatically be assured of getting. The exceptions are the signature spells in the new lore and certain common spells (like some of the vampire count spells, the high elf base spell and the dark elf power of darkness spell). Warriors Tzeentch lore is very potent against 8th edition with pandemonium being RIP and denying leadership of characters and triggering enemy miscasts on doubles, treason against non-immune horde armies is devastating, gateway, and flickering fire. Call to glory is now much better as well because casting a RIP spell does not prevent the caster from casting other spells anymore in 8th edition. Putting an exalted hero suddenly into a warrior unit at the beginning of combat is a nasty trick. Baleful is the only spell in the lore that is so-so unless facing low leadership units away from generals and BSBs.

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