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Default Hmmm, perhaps I do remember how to do this-Guard Redux

As near as I can tell, it's been nigh on a year (or maybe even two) since I've set knife to plastic and tried to make something. My minis and tools alike have languished in the dark, forsaken for the lures of real life.

But, I now find myself unexpectedly with a bit of time on my hands. My eye has of late been lingering on a fresh box of Guard infantry I bought sometime around Christmas, if memory serves. So, I drew a little inspiration from that.

The plan is to start over again. I've got a fair few Guard and Marine minis lying around. Many will probably be sold. I'm not happy with the paint on them, so it's time to restart, I think.

Toward that end, I suppose it's about time to stop yammering on and slap up some piccies. Toward that end, here's the rough outcome of a couple hours' work:

I've got the beginnings of a squad's worth of standard infantry bases, along with a couple 40 mm bases. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with those, but I'm thinking objective markers may be in order.

Here's the five bases I've got ready for flock and paint:

It's a bit difficult to tell from the pic, but I've run a broken-tipped hobby knife across them to create a city sidewalk-type effect. With flock and paint, they'll come out something like this:

The holes you see will house pins in the feet of the models. I think I will carry this technique over into the Guard models (aside: the finished bases were originally for Space Marine minis).

The other fruits of my labor tonight:

The beginnings of five Guardsmen. I'll be attaching heads and assigning arms next. I've decided to actually take my time this time 'round, so the arms and torso assemblies will be painted separately.

Well, that's about it for my first excursion for some time into the land of plastic spacemen. Whilst I sit back and relax with one of these excellent brews:

You all feel free to comment if the mood takes you. I'll not make any firm promises on the timing of the next update, but I suspect I'll find some time tomorrow to continue on this.

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