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Default My "Pets"

So here is my pet-army, you already know my daemonettes so I show you my other minis
Don' t really like those ones

My favourite pet the Trygon Prime and his son The RIPPAH !!!

Even if she has only one boob, I like this model

Even If there are no termagants comin' out, this is mah Tervigon, It is magnetized on torso, back, head, and front carapace

These have to be done I know, BUT THEY ARE SO MANY !!!

This is my swarmlord, My very first WH40k conversion, he is magnetized on torso and arms (for better transportation)

I would like this one but his stats are shitty, so I have him just for show

These ones are not in my army but I really like the models, I gave them some character, the first one is like "BOOH GOTCHA", the second is like "SURPRISE COCKFAG !!!", the third dose not speak but he looks like he is using the FORCE on you for mind tricks

Nothing much to say about this one

My hormagaunt army, I love hormagaunt models they look just awesome, some of them have stones on theyre base cuz they have the tendece to fall over

These ones are my second favorite after Tyrigon Prime & Rippah, I was bored that they had all the same position so I changed two of them a bit, I love the first one he is like "FUCK YOU, YOU' RE GOING TO GET IMPALED"

In the end there is only Chaos...
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