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Default WHF - Rusty Armour

My blak Orcs seem to have generated a bit of interest. And since i can knock them out in about 15min each (not including drying time) I thought I'd share the techniques I use.

So, first up. Rusty Armour.

There are many and various ways to paint rusty armour. The GW "Method" you see Eavy Metal use a lot tends to show you how to have a proper falling apart rusty spike.

Example: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/co...00022a&start=6

While this works for some, I'm not a fan of it for armour. You can't have your armour TOO rusty. It'd fall apart and be no use.

So, here's Whizzwang's aproach to fast and easy rusty orc armour.

How To Paint Rusty Armour Step 1:
Get your model. This is Boris. He's a Black Orc.

How To Paint Rusty Armour Step 2:
Undercoat your models black. I generally use black for everything.

How To Paint Rusty Armour Step 3:
Paint Tin Bitz all over, go nuts, doesn't matter about splash and overpainting, you can clean that later.

How To Paint Rusty Armour Step 4:
Mix 50/50 Tin Bitz + Boltgun Metal and drybrush the whole thing.

How To Paint Rusty Armour Step 5:
So, we've got a fairly dark base coat of metal, time to make it ganky and rusty. You will need:
1 - Empty Paint pot (I save all my pots as they run out and wash them out)
2 - Mix 50/50 Bestial Brown + Blazing Orange in the bottom 3rd of the pot.
3 - Fill the pot with water
4 - Shake it baby!
5 - Voila! Rust in a jar!

Slap that Orangey wash ALLLLL OVER. It WILL look shit when it's wet.

However, when it's dry it'll look something like this. the deep recesses should have a decent orange hue to them, the raised plates, not so much.

How To Paint Rusty Armour Step 6:
Drybrush with Boltgun Metal
Front view:

Rear View:

This is Trashcan.

He also likes to paint

Once you have extracted yourself from nearby Kittenpests

How To Paint Rusty Armour Step 7:
Wash the whole thing with Devlan Mud
Front view:

Rear View:

and we're done with the rusty armour.

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