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Originally Posted by the-graven View Post
Good job, you know what I was thinking what about a scar-vet BSB with crown of command, enchanted shield and something else perhaps in horde-formation saurus, you got ld8 stubborn re-rollable for break tests and well horde saurus do kill a lot, though perhaps the crown is overkill.
Ok the first thing iv got to say is ignore the horde rule!! Never EVER take a horde unit. Horde is a stupid gimmick that GW has thrown in to make you buy another 10 models (a standard regiment set these days ) just for one extra rank. ignore horde, any infantry unit needs to be 6 wide MAX to be efficient and manouverable.

Im also not a big fan of Crown of Command on the BSB, purely because i think re-rollable cold blooded LD8 is as good as stubborn anyway. if you have been hammered in combat so badly that you cant pass that, well, you shouldnt be in that combat in the first place! Give the Crown to a support Vet in a big block, i prefer to use stuff to keep my BSB alive. he is worth big VPs and has very useful abilities. The Enchanted shield is a good start, dirt cheap and a good save

Originally Posted by Crimzzen
What are your thoughts on Old bloods vs. the Vets. Essentially, I could bring roughly 2 vets with 50 points of wargear OR an Old Blood with something like:

Fencing Blades (WS10, +1 attack), Glittering Amour (-1 to be hit in CC), enchanted shield, and amulet of preservation (4+ ward) and essentially have a

1+/4++ T5 who can only be hit on 5s if not 6s putting 6 (?) attacks at str 5.

I could make a scar vet similar in that he would have a 2+ armour save, I10, -1 to hit in CC, and 2+ ward vs flaming.
As i said in the Slann tactica (answered the ques you posted btw ) i jsut dont think Oldbloods are worth it, as they take valuable points away from the Slann. In 2250pts matches (what i play atm) you only have about 565pts to spend on Lords, and nearly all of that should go into your Slann.

IF however you really want to run an oldblood (because it is your army after all and you should never take what i say as gospel- i merely want to give advice based on my experiences) then there is no reason not to take the Blade of Realities. This is the most badass motherf***in asskicking ball-crunching cockslapping weapon in the game. Whats that? your big bad general is going to kill me?

is that it?


you might not think it looks like much, but remember your oldblood will likely get at least 4 hits. then all the enemy has to do is fail one out of 4 LD tests (actually very easy to do, even on LD9 or 10) and BAM the model is gone, not even killed but blasted from existence!! this is the only weapon your oldblood needs, just try and use the remaining points for a nice ward save or armour save and smile as that super-expensive enemy model is destroyed. The psychological effect alone this has on your opponent is worth the points.

Regarding the vet set-ups, you def have a good vet there with that set-up. If i can give some advice, though, is that against characters the lack of ward save could cause an issue, although flaming attacks are fairly common nowadays. But i think he is set up more as a character killer, as the I10 and -1 to hit are wasted fighting troops. i would drop the enchanted shield and dragonhelm and grab the potion of toughness, the T8 is ridiculously difficult for most heros to deal with, and if they cant wound you then you dont need the big armour save

but you are def on the right lines

A little bit annoyed to come back to HO and find I've lost close to 200 rep.....
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