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Default Shas'o R'alai Experimental Rules

They're finally out, available here: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhamme...TH-DRONES.html

My only questions with these rules is, based off of the rules for the EMP grenade, where it glances on 4 and 5 and penetrates on 6… Why would I use the EMP ammo for anything less than armor 14, as opposed to the High Density Sabot round, where I’m going to glance on 5 and pen on 6 ANYWAY? And I don’t quite understand is the standard Pulse Submunitions Rifle available for the XV-9’s is Str 5/AP 6, Assault 1, 5” blast, no cover saves, and you can take two… Why’d they change it to Str 4/AP5, Assult 2, 3” blast for R’alai?

Granted, these are experimental, but R’myr’s rules have been “experimental” for months now and his actually seem decent... I think these could stand for some tweaking.
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