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Originally Posted by Galahad View Post
Be careful giving shield drones to lone broadsides though (or at least give him a bonding knife) because, as insane as it sounds, you DO suffer morale and Last Man Standing tests as a result of your drones dying.

So a veteran Tau battlesuit pilot in the best armor available, with the strongest weapons known to Tau science, perfectly capable of striding into battle all by himself...will freak out and run like a gretchen when his expendable shield drones get slagged.

If you give shield drones to a solo broadside make sure he has stabilizers and a bonding knife so he can at least fire while he falls back and try to rally.
Hey their Tau of course their going to run. But yeah I have to aggree with Gal here in that yes they do have to still take moral/ld tests for their drones dieing. But think about this... would you rather he took those 2 wounds on himself and died or the 2 drones?? Again I have to aggree with Gal that it is imperative that you give them bonding knives to at least give them a chance to regroup and the stabilizers is a very good idea.

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