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And I got distracted by this month's 1000 word writing competition. I tried to do something really different, yet still adhere to the theme of 'Victory.' Somehow I wound up with an intent to write something in the same manner as the Bible... which is, I know, pretty weird/messed up. Depending on how the reception is for this piece, I may need to write another.


Recovered from the carcass of a slave of the Ruinous Powers on the western outskirts of Armageddon Prime. Tome was confiscated by Inquisitor Paellian of the Ordo Hereticus. Most of the ancient text was too severely damaged from exposure to determine the contents. An extract from the Third Book in the tome, the Book of Blood, is the only decipherable portion. Below lies the account, detailing the events following the summoning of a Greater Daemon from the Warp during the Vraks Campaign.
Recommendation: immediate suppression.

Book of Blood

The Summoning of An’ggrath

Chapter 13

1. And on that day, An’ggrath the Unbound was finally summoned from His domain and dominion in the warp. A great cheering and outpouring of Bloodlust was ignited by His presence as His acolytes rejoiced.

2. The Great Bloodthirster was deeply displeased, having been torn away from His endless Slaughter and Reaping of souls from the Warp. He unleashed His Unholy Wrath in his displeasure at being awakened. And He did slay His worshippers in great multitudes, reaping vast quantities of Blood from their number, killing them with abandon.

3. Millions of His Faithful were Butchered in His Fury, millions of Skulls added to the Great Throne for the splendour of His Master. Planets burned and stars went dark from with His Anger.

4. The six months of Bloodfrenzy ended. The great servant of the Lord of Rage, finally satisfied, rested. His Master’s irritation at losing His most loyal and fervent Bloodthirster and Guardian of the Skull Throne was quenched.

5. At that time, the Great and Terrible An’ggrath, the Most Favoured of KHORNE, the Deathbringer, walked amongst mortals.

6. His minions had gathered themselves in a great multitude upon the Mount Sanguis, and He did teach them of the Truth of His ways, the Path of Blood.

7. He spoke, and His voice was terrible and thunderous, echoing from the mountainsides so that all upon the planet could hear His Message.

8. ‘In the last days shall He be known. His glory, majesty, splendour, and power unleashed on the galaxy. The unbeliever shall be Destroyed, the doubter Annihilated.

9. Only then will the worlds of Man be able, nay, worthy, for His arrival.’

10. His words caused great distress amongst His followers. They cried out to Him as one, begging for His wisdom. ‘Why, Lord! Why must we wait for this day, this Unholy and Blessed Day?’

11. An’ggrath looked upon them, his gathered Students of Carnage, and saw promise. A promise in their lust, their desire to follow His God. He did bless them again with His voice, ‘Why, you ask? Why must He wait, atop His glorious Throne, inactive and idle? Why must He be starved of the satisfaction of the Slaughter, the beauty of the Butcher, relying on others to do His bidding?

12. 'To test the Faith of the Worthy, the dedication of those willing to cast aside their false bonds, to break free from the deprivation of humanity. To become truly free and liberated from their, from your, shackles.’

13. Again, His servants were distraught at His words. They wept great tears of Blood which dropped upon the soil, already saturated with Lifeblood of the fallen to appease His displeasure. With one voice, raised in supplication to His Might and the Power He promised, they shouted, ‘How may we become worthy? How may we, weak as we are, gain the favour of KHORNE?’ A great moan shook the countryside, sending tremors through the rock. ‘How may we become His Champions?’

14. An’ggrath laughed, the laughter of ultimate Power and Wisdom, of aeons of Murder and bloodshed. ‘How may you become worthy, you ask? What must you do to gain His favour, His blessings? His demands are pure, his desires simple. A never ending ocean of Blood, spilt in His name. What must you possess in order to become His Champion?’ He asked of His followers.

15. The eagerness of the multitude was released in an hour of Bloodshed, so much did they desire His answer. Men fell upon Men, Astartes upon Astartes, Mutant upon Mutant. The valley below the Great Mount filled with the Skulls of the Fallen, cast down to please their Lord.

16. The Deathbringer was pleased by the dedication of His minions, their desire to serve KHORNE. In that moment, He was contented by the Bloodshed, and again spoke. And when He did, all became still, as the living listened intently to His Unholy Word.

17. ‘The strength of character to commit Genocide, to Murder those deserving of His Unholy Wrath.

18. 'The fortitude of mind to accomplish what must be done to appease Him.

19. 'The purpose and will to never relent, to never show weakness.

20. 'But, my Children, there is one thing that, above all, the Great Butcher asks of you.’

21. He paused in His Unholy Sermon. Those gathered were so distressed by His silence that they were again overcome in their Bloodlust. Thousands more fell in their desire for His Wisdom. During the Slaughter, all throats still capable of sound called to their master, ‘What, Lord? What does he demand?’

22. The Deaths of His servants amused Him, and He laughed again. The mountains of Bone crumbled before His tremendous mirth. He spoke to them again, and His words brought respite from the butchery. ‘Most of all, my Disciples, He demands Victory. Victory over Death, Victory in Blood. Blood in Victory.

23. 'Victory without Blood is pitiable, despicable before His eyes. Victory without Blood is weakness, to be culled and destroyed. Victory without Blood is defeat.

24. 'Victory is Blood. Blood is Victory. His thirst is insatiable, but must be satisfied.

25. 'The Imperium of Man is replete with blood. Sordid with weakness. Cast off your vows to your False God, free yourself of the Bonds of Humanity. With this, Blood will be yours. With this, Victory will be yours. Crusade against Man, Crusade in His Unholy Name, and He will bestow you with His Blessings!’

26. And the Daemon took flight on his great wings, roaring a cry of unending hate and rage.

27. The multitude, caught up in His fervour, took flight. They did take their Wrath and Hatred to the Imperium of Man, and Crusaded against the Corpse God. Billions died for KHORNE, their Skulls added to His Throne, trillions of litres of Blood filled His oceans. They found their Victory, Victory in their own Blood and that of Men.

28. His followers fell in their great numbers, drenching the planets with their Blood.

29. Ang’rrath was pleased in His followers, as their Deaths fuelled the powers of His Master. His Bloodthirsters and Bloodletters Reaped countless lives for their God.

30. And upon His Throne of Skulls, KHORNE laughed.

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