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Hey, a bit of a mini update.
Firstly, had my first fantasy game in years (and the other ones were aginst my brother, when we didn't know what we were doing.), using 8th ed rules. Unfortunately I'd left the empire at home, so borrowed a friends chaos wariors. Was really good fun (although it helped that I got one miscat in the game, my oponent got about 5!). I picked up a few extra mni's, so that I had a few wizards, a BSB and an elector count. I'll be getting an extra body from bits and kits at some point, so I can field 3 wizards (and get most value from the battle wizard boxed set).

The rest are in diluted dettol, attempting a strip (need to dilute it so it covered all the figs. They were painted years ago, and in some places its pretty thick, so I'm gonna leave them for a while (prob check them in about a month). Meanwhile I'm working on a 40K chaos project to keep myself busy.

Anyway, here's the pics:

Theres also the BSB, but my camera's dead, so I'll take photos for necxt time.


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