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Rumours Section 3

I will start by listing as many known rumours I can from the different websites I visit.
WarSeer Rumours
Originally Posted by AussieSocks 02/06/2010
Tastytaste over at Bloodofkittens.com posted these up:
Three new skimmers
1.Vyper/Razorback hybrid transport with many weapon options.
2.“Fighter” designed to take out other skimmers.
3.“Bomber” designed for well bombing…
Mandrakes are in and have scout (duh)

Melta & Lance weapon confirmed str 6 12″ range.
Talos is in, specialized in killing Walkers.
Combat drugs are in and are “streamlined”
Army wide ability which is a cross between Red Thirst and Epidemius tally power (revolves around casualties inflicted)
No vehicle will have an AV higher than 11 (keeping with past editions)
Dark Eldar are a designed as an Alpha Strike army. If you can survive the first turn you will have a good shot of beating them.
Expect a Sept-Nov release. So put away your Nemesis Force Weapons they are not coming till Jan 2011 at the earliest.
Anyone else have any other solid rumours?
Referencing to the rumoured weapon stats from BOLS
Originally Posted by Vineas 15/06/2010
From Yakface over on Dakka. As always take with salt but Yak seems to know people who know things, though he contributes very little.
I have, from a very reliable source, that these rumors are a bit wrong.
The actual stats are as follows:

All poisons are 4+
Splinter Rifle 24" SX, AP5, Rapid Fire, Poisoned.
Splinter Carbine 18" SX, AP5, Assault 3, Poisoned.
Splinter Cannon 36" SX, AP5, Assault 4, or Heavy 6 Poisoned.
Spllinter Pods are an underslung weapon for the Hellions, essentially similar to the carbine.

Edited to add the Strength and AP values to the post.
Originally Posted by Harry 28/06/2010
They are set for release in the Autumn. (October/November) this year.
I imagine Novembers White Dwarf to be back to back Dark Eldar.
The Book is done.
First Wave plastics and metals are all done.
Bell of Lost Souls Rumours
Originally Posted by Bigred 11/05/2010
Its been a long quiet while on the Dark Eldar front, but here is a taste of rumored weapon stats that have been floating about out there:

Splinter Rifle: 12" S:2 AP:5 Rapid Fire, Poisoned (4+)
Splinter Pod: 18" S:3 AP:5 Assault 2, Poisoned (4+)
Splinter Cannon: 24" S:2 AP:5 Heavy 6, Poisoned (4+)

Still no solid word on schedule, but the smart money is now leaning toward a Dark Eldar unveiling at Games Day UK, with a full release in October on the heels of the Fantasy 8th boxed set.
Originally Posted by Bigred 28/05/2010
Its been really quiet on the Dark Eldar front for a while, but slowly but surely the trickle continues:

Via Eldargal in the Lounge here:

-4-5 new special characters, including upgrade SCS a la Pask.
-New models for all existing SCs
-Kruellagh possibly being dropped (a pity I'm all for female SCs but her model was ugly and the SC uninteresting)
-Lelith Hesperax is included and getting a new model, interesting to see if it is as good as the old one.
-Every model of the range is being redone, without exception.
Originally Posted by eldargal 27/03/2010
Ok, Dark Eldar rumours taken from the rumour thread over at Warseer, usual caveats apply. Credit to original sources, mostly Harry. For the sake of brevity I've rewritten most parts, go to Warseer if you want to trawl through 35 pages to get the original context and whatnot.

24 Feb – 27 Mar

•Dark Eldar not Necrons for late 2010 (ColonalKlink, OP, source GW employee)
•Harry indicates complete revisit, rules to do justice to a brand new snazzy model range. Every model redone. Release probable within 12 months.
•Harry ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ to see Gamesday announcement.
•Possible Christmas release. (others mention October-November)
•Harry certain they are coming this time, not certain of when.
•GW committed best resources to DE revisit, including Jes Goodwin as head sculptor
•GW expects DE to be popular and sell well if they do a decent job this time.
•New range described as ‘mind-numbingly’ awesome, unclear if this is from eye witness account or wishful thinking.
•New range to be released in waves, not all waves in production or ready for production.
•Mix of plastic and metal models, no all plastic plans.
•Harry confident of his accuracy re DE.
•“I don't think GW would consider the work of their finest to be any risk at all. The studio have always been of the mindset that if they make the very best toy soldiers they can ... folks will buy them.

There has been no waffle and no delay.

When they have said anything at all they have said very clearly what is going on and why. They have said things like: 'We are doing Dark Eldar', "We have asked Jes to have a crack at them', 'The whole range needs attention', 'It is a big project and we are going to give it the time it deserves', 'We are going to give Jes the time he needs to nail them' There has been no waffle or ambiguity in any statements I have heard about this project ... in fact they have been more open and up front about the development of this project than almost any other., 'They will be released when they are done' 'This won't be for a while'.” “They will not be pushed back, nor will they be late.
They will, much like a wizard, arrive exactly when they are supposed to.”
•DE team given as much time as they need to get things right
•Plastic wyches, old sculpts ‘being burnt as we speak’. Implies new aesthetic.
Originally Posted by Bigred 08/04/2010
Latest tidbits we've heard:

-Most units in the army are fleet
-Army emphasizes heavy offence and can cause great damage the turn it arrives on table, but is extremely fragile
-Units have various methods of "powering up" and becoming more powerful during the game as they rack up enemy kills
-Harlequins are in
Librarium Online Rumours
Originally Posted by The Hawk 31/05/2010

I think that it is time that we had a legitimate Dark Eldar rumors thread around here. This thread is intended for any speculation that you have heard circulating around the web, or from any redshirts/blackshirts at your GW store, or from things that you have heard. Try and avoid your own personal opinions. Nothing against this, but there are other threads for that. This is solely for speculation that is going around.

I have decided to set up this thread so that we can get some definitive answers on what is happening, and for everyone else to post not what they think about the rumors, but what they know of the rumors.

For starters, it has been said that this picture could well be our Dark Eldar Codex front cover. Interesting.

You can see picture at source, it is however a very old picture that I believe can be found in the rules book. Its been debunked as not being the codex cover picture

It seems like an old picture, as I could have sworn I have seen it around before. Who knows...

Lots of poison weapons for us, including our Splinter Cannons actually doing what our fluff says it should.

The Talos is said to be confirmed, and that instead of being treated with skimmer like rules, and move and fight like infantry, it will become a Walker in all respects.

I know that the following pic is over 2 years old now, but perhaps it can give an insight as to how the DE are going to be remodelled?

See picture at source. The picture Ive read is over 10 years old, the models were from some sculptor who wanted to work for GW.

It depcits two Haemonculus, one with what could potentially be a new close combat weapon, or just a form of an Agoniser, and the one on the right is holding aloft a spine, complete with a skull attacjhed onto it. From GW Spain, it actually just looks like it was modelled with green stuff, so we will have to wait and see.

Mandrakes are suppossed to be gaining the Scout rule, for some strange and unapparent reason, with their Secret Deployment rule said to concern more like the Lictor's appearence, and come into play through area terrain. Although, I believe it has also been said that may be removed from play and put back in reserve, and that reappear at a later stage. At least, that would be the most logical decision.

As we all know, the first melta-lance weapon should be coming into play for us. Potentially with three different firing modes, it has been hinted as the following

Range 12" S 6 AP 1 Heavy 1

Should be interesting to see what other possibilties this opens up for us.

Should be noted, but be known, that Phil Kelly has actually written the codex, and that it is rumored to be at the printers as we speak. Jes Goodwin has signed on to do the models, and he should definitely do them justice.

The Wych metal moulds have been hinted at as being destroyed and burned, and that an entirely new aesthetic is coming out for them, as plastic models.

This following is highly vague and may not be true at all, but we can hope. As the game progresses, because Capturing Prisoners does not work for us anymore, we are due for a Special Rule that bestows certain upgrades and 'powerups' with the amount of slaves that we take for our own. This is relatively similar to the Sisters of Battle 'Prayer' system of play.

The Dark Eldar are due to be released in 'waves'. It is known that the first wave has been completed, but as to what comprises this section is not known.

The Dark Eldar are being designed as an "Alpha-Strike" army. Unsure what that may mean, however on the turn that they arrive they are suppossed to be very lethal.

Harlequins are in!... Statement from Bell of Lost Souls, but we know what they have done to us in the past, even though they stand by what they have written and say that they are legit. Referring to the April Fool's Day article.

Warriors and Wyches could potentially, and are likely, to be both Troops.

Rumors are that we are due before the Grey Knights Codex is meant to be coming out. Spearhead comes out in June; Daemons are due soon, sometime before the DE, so that means we might well be looking at a November-December release. Unless, GW decide that the Inquisition are more important, which has happened before, and we could get pushed back AGAIN to late January next year.

There are indeed new vehicle options noted, in particular something along the lines of a Vyper/Razorback, however it is noted no vehicle will have an AV over 11-12. Small thing I also found that the Ravager may no longer be open-topped.

A little quote from someone who is working on the models, possibly from Jervis Johnson, or Jes Goodwin himself:

"Well your going to be happy, but not for a little while yet. But when you do see them, they will blow your socks off!"

This would suggest that the modellers and writers are giving all of the time they need to get the Dark Eldar right.

More will definitely be released soon, and you will hear it from here first.

Anymore you can think of, post here.

Good Hunting.
Originally Posted by The Hawk 31/05/2010

More from the mysterious webways that is cyberspace...

This next one actually concerns our Webway Gates. What has been mentioned is that they will not be anything like what we have now, perhaps deploye via some instellar means such as a First Turn use arcane item that has some sort of effect in game, and that models may now assault out of them on the turn they arrive.

This next one has got me s aquiver that I don't know how to express it in rumor terms, so I will just come out and say it...

We should be getting an Avatar!

This has been mentioned in conjunction with the Planetstrike rules for Dark Eldar, which had stated that we also worship Khaine as well, so we may be getting a reincarnation of the god in some resemblance to the Eldar one. Maybe they took the idea from Krovin-Rezh's Fandex...

This has also been led to assume a trend that GW are beginning to develop, and that is 'reverse' army releases. When the next Space Marine codex, so to are Chaos apparently. Therefore, when Daemons come out, there is the potential that Grey Knights and the Inquisition will be getting their turn too. So, if rumors are to be believed, we may seeing our psychic kin joining us pre, during and post-release.

More shall be due soon. Stay frosty, or Eldarly...

Good Hunting.
Originally Posted by The Hawk 02/06/2010

Another thing that is going a little is the fact concerning our reserves. The idea is that we keep our entire army in reserve, and have them all arrive at the same time with one reserve roll. Not sure how that would work, as if the roll fails, we would definitely be in the crapper, although it could explain the Scout rules for the Mandrakes.

The following has been directly quoted from the DakkaDakka website, detailing our Warrior models:

The warriors are not striding forward and hunched over like they are about to tip over- legs are laid out in a wide stance and the models are much, much better proportioned than the old ones, so no more legs that go all the way up and tiny torsos.

Helmets and non helmeted heads included.

Non helmeted head has a high ponytail.

Ribs/shards of bone poke through loincloths and the ponytail.

The helmets are pretty much identical to the above pic, but with lumps/gems over the ears/temples.

From behind the helmets look exactly like eldar guardian ones.

There is a gem/soulstone on the left chest armour- not the shoulder armour piece as per the above pic.

This is where you have to use your imagination as the pic doesn't show it: On the back there is a backpack that looks like it started as an eldar backpack but does not stick out as far, has vestigal 'vanes' compared to the eldar one (so doesn't stick up above the shoulder) and most excellently down the centre of the backpack, it is recessed with scaled armour over the spine (triangular scales with points downwards)

A high collar that flanges out

Rifle is almost exactly the same as the pic for the base model, even down to the jagged bit that pokes up in front of the warriors abdomen in the pic. There is a variant with what looks to be crossbow arms sticking out laterally (ends up looking like a mini anchor)

Attachable Loincloths (variable designs) One has a skull, one a hook on them.

As per the pic, greaves over the lower legs, then knee pads and scales over the upper legs, with points upwards.

Knife scabbard, 2 'rods' and 2 small sachels on the 'utility belt' posteriorly

Blades of differing lengths and size on various armour parts, primarily lower legs and shoulder pads.

Curved knife HW available.

Attachable blades for the end of splinter rifle.

The models will be about as close to the source pic as you can imagine, and finally GW does concept art proud.

Take that as you will. I know this is in the rumors and previews forum on LO, but I thought we could have it here too. The source pic in question is this:

Good Hunting.
Originally Posted by kharandhil 04/06/2010
SOme rumors not mentioned, but they come from reliable source, in fact I've heard them several times, all by trustworthy people (because most previous remors did prove to be true)

Splinter cannons are rending, not poisonous weapon.
Lots of poisonous weapons though.
Alpha strike army, our army will become once again the fastest army of the game.
Mandrakes have infiltrating, some rumors say scout rule.
Reaver have 2 new rules: can drag people with their chains and can leave a blast after moving.
New soul powers, not clear how they work or what they do, a bit like soulstorm I guess.
new soul collector character.
Raider look like old wave serpents, like confirmed so many times before.

Ahra should be in the new codex, some say NO'akei as well. Kruellagh should disappaear.

New warrior sprues are amazing, so many extra conversion bitz, spikes, etc...

Mandrakes have sets of weapons, and they carry some sort of orb of chaotic energy, rules aren't mentioned, though this is how people describe the new models. Naked torsos, cloth pieces underneath.

New skimmers for sure, some say even 3 completely new skimmers.

Talos should have variosu weapons options and be soem kind of a walker. SOme rumors even say he may be getting vehicle armor.

No vehicle higher armor than 11

reaver might go to troops, wyches as well?
Some sort of incubi elites.

Various new units, obviously. Nothing that solid on new units, except some new skimmers, not much mentioned on new infantry units, except maybe a new type of incubi like elite.

On release: various rumors, but all say somewhere between september to beginning of 2011, should be seeing the new codex in half a year.
Originally Posted by kadicel View Post
UGH I just wrote a massive post but it got deleted, re-writing summarized version.

I was at GW the other day and the dude there was a DE freak, he was pumped for the new models. Here is what he showed me:
Im sceptical to this simply because the picture has been around for years. I would think they would use new art for inspiration to new minis but what do I know

The red outline shows the new Hellion. Notice it isn't a Batwing anymore, and has it's own shape. It looks like....a Dark Eldar Stingray, if they were to ever have sea animals.

The blue outline shows the new Raider. You can see it's quite different. The gunshield thing for the gunner looks almost identical to Eldar Heavy Support Platform shield.

The yellow outline is supposed to be some new, scary DE unit. Scarier than Incubi?

The white outline (LOL) is also supposed to be a new unit. They look like Warriors, but geared up for CC with knives and loooots of blades on the armor. I'm hoping it's a modification of Warriors.

Originally Posted by The Hawk 18/06/2010

Okay, fresh from the warp that is cyberspace. Heal your wounds with this pinch of salt. Some surprises are definitely in store if we are to believe these:

Reaver Jetbikes as Troops. By my reckoning, this would make it the first bike unit that can be taken as Troops. This means a decrease in points, but also a decreas in stats. Interesting.

An Incubi style unit as Elites. Perhaps that was what was on the picture that I had posted above. This sends me aquiver, because we could be in store for a new Retinue for our Lord...

Wyches as Troops. Honestly, it is about time. But if we are getting currently existing units as our Troops, what does that leave for the empty slots in the rest of the FOC. This definitely makes me think that we are getting SO many new units, we will become just like the Tyranids. Just all hordy, and horny...

Warp Beasts, will become Fast Attack, and potentially gain the abilty to Deep Strike. This means that they would lose the abiltity of the Beastmaster, and they may turn out exactly the Fenrisians Wolves from the Space Wolves codex.

Shadowfield is apparently dropping to 3++, however will not disappear if the save is failed. MUCH better imo, although we could be seeing a cost increase here.

It also seem that we have weapon statistics pretty much confirmed. It looks like that Poison is in, and Heavy Fire is in. No let-up:

Splinter Rifle: 12" S 3, AP 5 Rapid Fire, Poison (4+)
NEW WEAPON Splinter Pod: 18" S 3, AP 5 Assault 2, Poison (4+)
Splinter Cannon: 24" S 3, AP 4 Heavy 6, Poison (4+)

Who knows, but I am liking. Not sure about the changing of the Cannon from Assault to Heavy, but if they are given to Scourges, and they have Jet Packs or Relentless, we might be seeing some massive change happen here. Not high strength here, but that doesn't matter, as they are 4+ Poison.

I am not liking what has been said here. Apparently there is a bit of a focus on Chaos here, but only to the side effects of what has happened to the Dark Eldar. Needless to say, I hope they stray away from Chaos, and make DE fresh and new. This has led to the assumption that the Mandrakes are going to exhibit characteristicsw of being 'mildly' possessed by spirits of Slaanesh, and that our Scourges will essential be Daemons with Wings. I do not buy this for a second, but nevertheless, it is being posted here, because it is a rumor.

Anyway, more will be coming soon. Stay frosty.

Good Hunting.
Originally Posted by The Hawk 02/07/2010

Latest sniff around the web, and have seen some things of interest.

For all fo you Wych Cult fans out there, you would be delighted to here that Lelith is in, an is getting totally redone. Whatever is not being dropped is being tweaked. Hopefully we will finally see a 4+ invulnerable save in close combat like NORMAL Wyches this time.

I don't want to dampen anyone's day with this next one, but there is rumors that there is going to be a Khemri release out soon. This means to coincide with Warhammer Fantasy release, that the anticipated Tomb Kings will be set. I am so hoping that this happens AFTER our release, and that for the... (counts fingers) 23rd time we are not postponed!

Grey Knights are all but confirmed for a January release which leaves plenty of room open for us to breathe. Necrons may be due in March/April next year as well. But you know GW. The DE could be replaced with the Necrons. 99% chance of not happening, but there is still room open for us to have all of our air sucked clean from us.

And in great tradition to keep up with what the DE are all about, Grotesques are in, depsite popular belief, and there rules are suppossed to be so that even Marneus Calgar will go home crying to mommy. Hopefully we get to see a LD check and modifier that ignores Fearless and Stubborn, and actually works!

Some great new Special Characters are making appearences as well. And the existing ones are either getting entirely new models ( sucks to be those that own Vect ), or being removed utterly. If trends are to kee continuing, we should be seeing 2-3 of our existing ones kept, with maybe 4-5 new ones being added.

And thank Slaanesh, it seems that Kruellagh is being removed!

Nothing game shattering here, except if we see some high profile SCs being included. And, as of now (should've done this before) I dub THIS thread right here the OFFICIAL LO Dark Eldar Rumors Thread. So post rumors HERE, unless you want your eyes pecked out.

Good Hunting.

PS: I know I am being quite egotistical about asking, but if there is a sweet nice moderator out there who could find it in their dark abyss of a beating heart to sticky this thread, I would personally sacrfice 100 bulls in their name... if they are into that type of stuff. I know it is wrong to ask a thread that you created to be a stickied, but I feel that this would gain much more attention than what it is currently receiving, and would be far more beneficial to fellow Dark Eldar players who have waited so many damned years for these type of rumors. I will put sugar on top of this pretty please if you want me to???

Good Hunting.
Originally Posted by Jared van Kell 03/07/2010

Originally Posted by ericismyname
Released in the winter 2010/ Spring 2011
October/November this year.

Originally Posted by ericismyname
Phill Kelly writing Codex/ Jess Goodwin doing models. This is a GREATcombo!!!
Yep, the reasons its taken so long is that GW wanted to ensure that the range would actually sell and attract enough attention to warrant their return. Jes Goodwin now freed from completing the Spacemarine, Chaos Spacemarine and Chaos Daemon ranges has focused his entire attention on this range. Phil Kelly personally requested this codex.

Originally Posted by ericismyname
Harlequins and Avatars for Dark Eldar
Harlequins most definately yes, Avatar no, it remains the remit of their craftworld brethren.

Originally Posted by ericismyname
Many Poison Weapons
The rumour is correct on this. Splinter weapons are S2 poisoned weapons. Some of the heavier splinter weapons cause pinning as well.

Originally Posted by ericismyname
Talos getting armor value
Armour 13 Front. 11 Side and 10 Rear from my sources. It will be more akin to a dreadnought than a wraithlord now. It has S10 attacks and its Heavy Splinter Cannon can dish out an insane amount of firepower.

Originally Posted by ericismyname
up to 3 new skimmers
There is a lot of secrecy regarding these. They are still being worked on last I heard.

Originally Posted by ericismyname
New special characters
Two unit upgrades, one similar to pask for the skimmers. I've heard whispers about one used as a prisoner transport that is damaging to the morale of the enemy within 12".

Originally Posted by ericismyname
No word on anything getting dropped except Kruellagh.
According to fluff I've heard, Kruellagh is now dead.

On a side note the Mandrakes are extremely nasty apparently getting Infiltrate, Stealth, Move through cover and Poisoned attacks to represent their consumate skills as assassins/scouts and as to be expected they are rather nice in combat as well. They will have a unit upgrade in the form of the Decapitator who has the Instant Death USR and is a nightmare for enemy characters and squad leaders.

Originally Posted by Jared van Kell 04/07/2010
Not much really. As I said in my previous post a lot of the rumours I have pieced together from several sources (some I will not mention for obvious reasons) and at this stage what I know is still subject to change. It may be that Mandrakes could still get their hidden deployment but at the time of hearing the information they were getting that combination of USRs.
As for the Talos the information is still subject to change as GW have a tendency to let out mis-information and red-herrings and I have been given a few of those before. I am certain they are getting a November release though.


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