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Rumours Section 2
So US games day came and went, like expected nothing new came out of it. There were just some small rumours regarding other armies and a picture drawn by Blanche.
Dont take this picture seriously because it appears it was drawn at Games Day so it should not be treated like anything other than rumours. Since it was made by Blanche you cant take it seriously anyways because to my knowledge he has never drawn anything that looks like a final product by GW. If you want to correct me on this please send me a PM with links to models and art by him where you can tell he designed the artwork for the final product.

UPDATE : Managed to find a larger picture for you to check out, also managed to get back on Warseer so here is what Harry had to say about the picture

Originally Posted by Harry
Originally Posted by Bloodknight
Ok, the Raiders still look a lot like Raiders, just with a sail. I guess the new kit will sport these, too.

Originally Posted by Quaade
I'm going to reserve judgement on that untill I see the model in person, it might have some sort of functionality not appearent on artwork.

Still, it's better than the giant canopener sitting on top on the current model.
It does. Something to do with solar winds.
I never liked the pointless can opener either.
Those blades undernmeath look like they could do some damage though.

Originally Posted by Scelerat
Well, I haven't seen any John Blanche scribble that didn't look "pretty stupid", so...
Thanks for that.
I have seen many a scribble from John Blanche and taken as a whole his body of work is pretty amazing.

Originally Posted by Dr.Clock
This is clearly John Blanche's work and, while I love the style, his work has generally been waaaay toward the insane and intranslatable. That is, to models.
I would say you are wrong. Many of the sculptors draw huge inspiration from John's work. There are numerous sculpts that are a direct result of Johns concept sketches.

Originally Posted by VoodooJanus
... I'm so happy to see that GW pulled out the big guns.
John is not just pulled out for specific projects there is almost no project that he does not contribute to.

Originally Posted by Lathrael
I hope that we will not see that piece of crap in codex, since Blanche's view of "evil" does not go beyond spikes.
What do you know about "Blanches view of "evil"." Have you ever spoken to him about it? Or is this just one more example of shouting 'your crap" from the cheap seats using the anonymity of the internet to spout off and say whatever the hell like about and think that it doesn't matter?

It does. It matters.
You don't like it? Fine. Say you don't like it. There is no need for childish abuse. You just make yourself look foolish.
I found this over at Warmonger Gameday, take it with the usual unhealthy dose of salt but at least its something.
Update : I managed to track down where this rumour came from, so here is the link to the guys facebook page.
Originally Posted by kharandhil
I apologise in advance for the length of these posts.

I was at Warhammer World from the 1st to the 6th for their 16+ Hobby Camp earlier this month, and on the last day I had got all my stuff together, called a taxi from Bugman's to take me to the train station, and I suddenly remembered that I wanted to buy a Bugman's t...ankard and a print. So I pegged it over to the bar, asked for a tankard and the print catalogue so I could quickly skim through it and pick one out.I found a print of the shiny new Dark Eldar Warrior from the 5th Ed. rulebook and asked the barkeep for a copy. Suddenly, someone was standing right next me at the bar. I turned my head. It was Phil Kelly.

He complimented me on my purchase, before saying that he has been working hard on the new Dark Eldar codex, and that he will be writingthe Dark Eldar release article for White Dwarf. I shook his hand andthanked him for Codex: Orks, and Ogre Kingdoms (and no, I couldn'tresist saying "BOOM! Hur hur hur..."), before re...alising that my taxiwould be waiting for me. So quickly shook his hand again and thankedhim 'in advance' for Codex: Dark Eldar.
This provided me with closure on two counts: A) I got two solid tidbitsof information on the new Dark Eldar, and B) I had seen Phil Kelly twicebefore during the week, but hadn't had the opportunity to talk to himon either occasion. I was behind him in the queue in the staff cafeteriaon the 4th (I didn't speak to hi...m then, as we had been told to leavethe staff members alone, as it was their lunch break too), and when Iwas waiting for a kebab at the kebab shop across the road from my hostelon the 2nd, he walked past outside with friends.I didn't quite believeit at first, but then he walked past again with more people he'd justmet up with, and I could see it was definately him, but I didn't want tojust run out of the kebab shop towards him and his friends shouting "IKNOW you!" or something equally as gormless.
Found another picture of some computer with that DE codex cover on it, this really the new codex or just some fandex I dont know about? If anyone knows there origins of this picture please send me a pm with that information.

GrizBe pointed me towards this rumour, if anyone could scan the page in this magazine and send me an url I would appreciate it
Originally Posted by M'Kachen's Nemesis
Having just received the french Sci-Fi/Fantasy wargaming magazine Ravage I stumbled on this short line of text printed in italic in the GW news section:

"For Autumn, everyone should expect the new version of a sadistic, poisoning and cruel race who have been waiting for twelve years and 2 editions... The English Games Day at the end of September will be the event for an official announcement."

(Translated by me as to the best of my capacity.)

As for the validity of the source, Ravage is the only french Sci-Fi/Fantasy wargaming magazine besides White Dwarf but is nonetheless a magazine of high quality; and I know for a fact that GW holds "press conferences" to show off their new products as they had published photos of the one for Apocalypse so it's not unlikely for them to be warned in advance.

Although it is still the first time they do a "hint" such as this one.
"your master" pointed me to this picture, is it the new Dark Eldar codex cover? it does look very similar indeed but I dont know the original source of the picture.

Originally Posted by WARMONGER GAMEDAY
While we had a week full of warmachine tons of news cam in. Unfotunately we made the decision to not post on other games during WarmachineWeek. Although we had tons of fun, we have a lot to tell you guys. Dark Eldar rumors have busted down the dyke and they are flooding the internets! If past rumors are true then we will see Eldar not far behind. the first thing we will address is the picture that is above us. It is rumored that these guys will have a fall quarter release and all the models are completed for castings. The picture is supposedly someone hard at work on the new DE codex. I must say apperance looks as if it is so but then again someone could be really good with photoshop. It is also a good possability that we are looking at a fan cover. This apparently is a picture that has been availible for years, so we would still have a case of someone being really good with photoshop. We are also getting reports that this is all wrong and we should expect to see Grey Knights this fall. We also got some rumored details of the units fom Shadow Deth. I will leave you with his quote tell me what you think guys. Till next post Warmongers:

Quote Shadow Deth

Dicelikethunder's podcast from the other day stated that the book is done, the models need a 3 month lead (due out in Sept/Oct '10) time and claims they recieved an email from a playtester detailing some of the new rules.

Reavers being able to drag a model away with their chains from a hit and run on a failed save, and then bomb it (strength 4 small blast) on a unit it passes over with it's next 24 inch move - causing them to go to ground if they take a wound.

Talos being a walker "of sorts", recieving a -3 for glances and a -2 for pens?

A Haemonculi character upgrade dominating run down units (presumably taking control of the unit instead of destroying it), and that the book was deemed too weak and was initially sent back to have it's power upped.

Honestly, even I'm skeptical but I'm just repeating rumors some of you may not have heard. You can find their podcast and listen for yourself for the full sections.
Dice Like Thunder has a new podcast out, ep 97, they decided to do a UStream cast this time. Its a very long episode with allot of random stuff and some really interesting rumours for DE, GK and WH.
Originally Posted by Dice Like Thunder
The Good : Xeno, Evil, Marine comparable BS, Marine HQ comparable WS and I. Able to shoot and assault, highly mobile, poison attacks that wound on 3+ or 2+, multiple units with Furious Charge, thought to be written by Phil Kelly, lots of fast vehicles that puts BA to shame, not a monolist army (more than one spec playable), new models, plastic troops and raiders.
The Bad : T3, Elite Army (low model count? high points cost?), Vehicle overall armour value is 10.2.
The Ugly : Feel No Pain, Fearfactor = If it does not kill you in the first round before you have a chance to throw a dice you might have a chance to win. Initial selling point = New and Sexy models.
DE might dominate the sales for 3-4 months, this is a huge risk for GW.
While searching around I came across this site. On it they have an article with a list of what the new DE release will contain, as always take with a bit of salt but it does make sense.
Originally Posted by Cuchulain84
Following a recent article TDEK received a strange anonymous message from someone claiming to have insider knowledge about the exact contents of the first wave of the Dark Eldar revamp. Here's what they had to say...

"New Codex
3 metal blisters
*New Drazhar
*New Mandrakes
*New Decapitator Mandrake champion model
2 metal boxes
*New Talos
*Fallen (Stiking Scorpion)Phoenix Lord Arhra (Founder of the Incubi)
6 plastic boxes
*New Archon / Dracon / Wych Dracite kit lots of options
*New Plastic Warriors
*New Plastic Wytches
*New Grotesques plastic kit (they look more like DE Posessed (like the chaos kit) not zombie looking
*New reaver Jetbikes
*New Raider / Ravager Kit (can make either vehicle from this one kit)

Later planed plastic in early 2011 are New Scourges and Hellions kits
Mid 2011 New metal Incubi and Warp Hounds box, New Plastic Asdrubael Vect kit

Shhhh don't tell anyone I leaked this out I could get fired.

Codex will also be very similar to the latest incarnations. It will have a unique character that can be upgraded for a squad.

Each DE squad has a base cost of 80pts
Raider base cost will be 70pts and will not include a DL"

Now you don't get as far in the Dark City as I have by believing everything you hear. But maybe, just maybe, there might be some truth in this... Only time will tell for sure...
40K Radio has their second podcast out. They talk about DE rumours but have nothing new to share. Same rumours as has been posted before, I think they pretty much quote BOLS.
40K Radio

It seems we have finally gotten some info on when and what might be in the Dark Eldar release. Treat as rumours but personally Id like to believe this
Originally Posted by Scryer in the Darkness View Post
*pfft* I don't bother with such piffle.
Right, well my eyes are now rolling with code like The Matrix, but here's the result barring any last minute additions/subtractions:

3 metal blisters
2 metal boxes
6 plastic boxes
Originally Posted by Harry View Post
It is a MONSTER first wave.


The 2nd wave is well on the way too ... and a 1.5 Wave is done. :D
Next is a pure speculation post but I think there is some merit to it
Originally Posted by Kalishnikov-47 View Post
Okee then alot of thanks to Scryer for posting such juicy tidbits.


The blisters are probably:
Archon, SC, and Haemoncului (sp?).

The 3 Metal boxes are probably:
Incubis, Mandrakes, and maybe Scourge? Who knows.

6 plastic kits will be:
Warriors, Raiders/ Ravagers, Jet Bikes, Wyches, Hellions, and Talos.

All of my speculation since they want you to have a legal army from the get go with the units they think you will like the most. I think these fit the bill, but that is just me.
Other model releases for Dark Eldar
Originally Posted by TheDireAvenger
Any idea when the 1.5 Wave and the 2.0 Wave will come out?
January and March, I am told.
It seems more and more rumours are popping up now. Here is a small snippet from DakkaDakka, take with a bit of salt as usual.
Originally Posted by Brother SRM
I talked to a friend of mine who's played with the playtest codex. Grain of salt, but here's what I recall:

- A very elite army. WS, BS, and I of 5 are all pretty much standard.
- Very fragile army, with T3 and 5+ saves everywhere, but Incubi still have power armor. From this standpoint things are generally unchanged, but weak invulnerable saves are present in units
- Combat drugs have just been boiled down to furious charge
- 2 kinds of Wyches - one on hoverboards/bikes, one on foot
- Poison everywhere, 4+ generally, yadda yadda
- Talos are in and still Monstrous Creatures

Nothing he told me was especially shocking, and it all sounded similar to rumors I've read and the current codex. Nice to have more confirmation though.

While searching for rumours I came across this. Its an interesting statement to say the least.
Originally Posted by Kaelarr
Just to add.

The codex will not be called Dark Eldar. So as stated earlier they will not be the DE we are used to.

The new Jetbike plastics will be in the First Wave.

And the Dark lance is no longer the same as a bright lance. Its only able to be carried by a few units, scourges being one of them.
The Hawk over at Librarium Online has some new rumours for us.
Originally Posted by The Hawk

Time for another update on the DE. Most of these have been sideswiped from Dakka, but there are murmurs of other things in there too.

Before I go any further, I have to tell you first about this quote that I have found. Do not take my word for it, as it is from a website that expels a lot of rumors, some full of it, but others genuine, but this kind of scares me a bit. Here it is in Italics:

Question Is it CODEX: Dark Eldar?

Are you in a position to elaborate?

Answer: Not really. But I can tell you that they have taken what were the Dark eldar and focussed more on the piratical raiders and gladitorial aspect of them rather then the dark and evil part. Also dont be surprised if there is a little "crossover" with the current eldar range... Think of it kinda like how the space wolves / blood angels etc are to the space marines. Very different with some similarities like the rhino, and boltgun.

Thoughts on this?

I know that this is all but confirmed, but I want to say it again, and much louder just in case some of us are not getting the message. Harlequins are IN! Cannot stress this enough. We may not be getting as much of a diverse range as the Craftworld Eldar, although we might be getting the Solitaire, as it is mentioned in the Eldar codex that they are the only ones who can play the part of Slaanesh in the dance without end.

This is pretty much all but confirmed. We will not be getting an Avatar. Cyberspace feels that the fluff would have to be rewritten for both CE and DE, and would not fit the prefix of the necrontyr, who it has been mentioned are reappearing in the galaxy...

I know that the rumor regarding vehicles is that nothing will be over AV 11-12, and so take this next one with a pinch of salt. The Talos is in, but with a twist. Here is some mystified stats:

Talos Walker F: 13, S: 11, B: 10 Points: Unrevealed Weapon: Heavy Splinter Cannon

Very intriguing. Looks like we will be getting a hovering Dreadnought...

Has been hinted at before, but three skimmers are yet to be announced, but nonetheless, they are coming into play a lot more. If the Talos is getting AV 13, we might be seeing a total rework of our Ravagers/Raiders. Perhaps the DE have decided to start using metal instead of paper in the construction of their transports... :

A fresh new rumor that has just popped up on Dakka. Apparently, there are whispers of a transport that employs the use of prisoners solely for the purposes of scaring the pants of the enemy. Even Fearless models might have to pass a test, albeit with more advantages. Looking forward to hearing more about that!

It is pretty much known that Kreullagh is officially out of the codex, however what may not be known is that suppossedly she has been killed, although no fluff has been released about that. Good riddance? Hell yes!

Again, please take these with all of the salt the world has to offer. The last 2 weeks has been good and bad for us. Just view it as you wish.

Good Hunting.

Dice Like Thunder ep 93 is out and in it they mention that their rumours guy believes DE are 80% likely to be October Mystery Release.
Stated: 76:40 into the show.

Worlds End Radio has released podcast no. 42. They mention some Dark Eldar rumours posted on BOLS last saturday.

The Dude over at Warseer has made a Dark Eldar summary post.
This is good news for me since it means I dont have to do one :D

Originally Posted by The Dude
Here is a summary of what I consider to be reliable Dark Eldar rumours. I;m not saying they are true, or that any other rumours are false, just that this is what I trust at the moment.

Feel free to discuss these and any other rumours to your hearts content, but keep it civil, don't spam, keep background discussions in the background forum, and please, if you want to complain about something, feel free, but do it once, and move on

Previous discussion can be found here.

Release Date

Much conjecture surrounds the release date, however the following “solid” information exists:

Harry gave us his best guess that Dark Eldar will appear in October / November 2010

At the start of April, Harry told us:

Originally Posted by Harry
Dark Eldar are coming.
Phil Kelly has completed the book.
The whole range is NOT done yet but the first wave IS done.
pricetb recently told us the following:

Originally Posted by pricetb
Since I'm not a frequent take this as you will. I friend of mine is a retail salesman for GW and was invited up to the nearest Battle Bunker to meet with his rep and such. Being part of the shop we went and got the usual speil. Isn't this model great blah, blah, blah. Now here's the interesting part, we were taken to the production floor for a look see at what the are producing? Dark Eldar. Couldn't get a great look but it was definately. Feel free to make fun of me now!
To which Harry replied:

Originally Posted by Harry
Six months out for production and global distribution .... Soooo sounds about right for November.
And for the lazy and hard of hearing (reading?), Harry again stated:

Originally Posted by Harry
They are set for release in the Autumn. (October/November) this year.
I imagine Novembers White Dwarf to be back to back Dark Eldar.
The Book is done.
First Wave plastics and metals are all done.
In May, Avian told us:

Originally Posted by Avian
I believe November is Dark Eldar for 40K.
So all up, I think it’s safe to say we’ll see Dark Eldar in November.


Harry has said here that he expects Dark Eldar to be “nasty but especially nasty for that first strike”

In mid June, Vineas reported that Yakface over at Dakka Dakka posted the following:

Originally Posted by Yakface
I have, from a very reliable source, that these rumors are a bit wrong.

The actual stats are as follows:

All poisons are 4+
Splinter Rifle 24" SX, AP5, Rapid Fire, Poisoned.
Splinter Carbine 18" SX, AP5, Assault 3, Poisoned.
Splinter Cannon 36" SX, AP5, Assault 4, or Heavy 6 Poisoned.
Spllinter Pods are an underslung weapon for the Hellions, essentially similar to the carbine.
reds8n added some weight to this, saying:

Originally Posted by reds8n
Actually I'm very inclined to believe these and mr. Yakface.
There has been some scattered talk about a “Pain Chart” which bestows effects based on the number of kills the army has done, much like Epidemius’ Tally Man rule. This has not been supported by anyone reliable as yet.

At the end of April, Rewison reported the following post from Waaagh_Gonads over at Dakka Dakka

Originally Posted by Waaagh_Gonads
After seeing (some) of the warriors that were assembled from the new DE warrior sprue (I did not see the bits on the sprue) last weekend and having been given the all clear to talk about them by my source:

Best start point is to use this pic as a reference.

The warriors are not striding forward and hunched over like they are about to tip over- legs are laid out in a wide stance and the models are much, much better proportioned than the old ones, so no more legs that go all the way up and tiny torsos.
Helmets and non helmeted heads included.
Non helmeted head has a high ponytail.
Ribs/shards of bone poke through loincloths and the ponytail.
The helmets are pretty much identical to the above pic, but with lumps/gems over the ears/temples.
From behind the helmets look exactly like eldar guardian ones.
There is a gem/soulstone on the left chest armour- not the shoulder armour piece as per the above pic.
This is where you have to use your imagination as the pic doesn't show it: On the back there is a backpack that looks like it started as an eldar backpack but does not stick out as far, has vestigal 'vanes' compared to the eldar one (so doesn't stick up above the shoulder) and most excellently down the centre of the backpack, it is recessed with scaled armour over the spine (triangular scales with points downwards)
A high collar that flanges out
Rifle is almost exactly the same as the pic for the base model, even down to the jagged bit that pokes up in front of the warriors abdomen in the pic. There is a variant with what looks to be crossbow arms sticking out laterally (ends up looking like a mini anchor)
Attachable Loincloths (variable designs) One has a skull, one a hook on them.
As per the pic, greaves over the lower legs, then knee pads and scales over the upper legs, with points upwards.
Knife scabbard, 2 'rods' and 2 small sachels on the 'utility belt' posteriorly
Blades of differing lengths and size on various armour parts, primarily lower legs and shoulder pads.
Curved knife HW available.
Attachable blades for the end of splinter rifle.
Referring to the same Artwork, Harry said:

Originally Posted by Harry
They don't look exactly like that.
That artwork was based on a sculpt done at the start of the project.
They have that 'look' ... but they evolved a bit.
And this:

Originally Posted by Harry
Dave Gallagher painted it ages ago based on some of Jes's first concept sculpts for the project.

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