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Rumours Section 1
Some rumours have popped up, as I havent seen them myself I will add them as rumours rather than news.
Originally Posted by Reds8n
Have had a good read through the new codex today and can confirm many things. Grotesques are still in, but are now BRUTAL. Dont think theres a model for them yet but they are ogren sized. They have littler cousins called wracks, which are still pretty decent, but nothing on the S/T5 3W monsters with FNP that grotesques are.

Jetbikes are still FA but get an even bigger turbo boost (36") and have even less armour (5+) on the plus side, they are actually good in combat now with pistol and hand weapon as well as their drugs. They also get to make D3 S4 hits PER JETBIKE on any unit they move over when turbo boosting, and this can be upgraded to D6. On the VERY down side, characters can no longer be mounted on jetbikes.

Scourges are now FA as well and have some awesome gear. They still deep strike and have jump packs, but now come standard with a assault 3 18" splinter weapon and can have heat lances (18" S6 AP1 Lance, Melta) thats right, you can now deep strike a squad with 4 lance/melta weapons!! And they have a 4+ armour save.

Hellions are all sorts of worthwhile now. Their boards have a special shooting attack that is (from memory) S5 AP4 assault 2 and their weapons are funky as well. Best of all, if you charge a unit with an IC in it, on a 2+ when you make your hit and run attack, they take that character with them and fight him on his own next turn!!

They do indeed get a fighter and a bomber, much in the vein on valk/vens but WAY cooler. They have aerial assault rules that mean they can move and fire all their weapons, they can also take a range of missile, my favorite of course being implosion missiles. Small blast, all models touched by it take a characteristics test on their wounds and if they fail it they die. INSTANT DEATH DIE!!! Brutal.

The talos is still in and comes kitted out to be even cooler, but more importantly comes with a smaller cousin, the parasite. Which is pretty decent in combat, great at shooting, and most importantly, if it causes wounds from shooting, gives pain tokens to nearby DE units.

This leads me neatly to pain tokens. If a unit wipes out a non vehicle unit, it gets a pain token. There are 3 effects from having pain tokens, with the 1st one you gain FNP. The 2nd you get gives you furious charge, and the 3rd makes you fearless. These effects are cumulative so can be awesome.

Even better, characters and units combine pain tokens. So a unit with one and a character with one would both count as having 2 if they joined. And Haemonuclus and a couple of other things come with one automatically.

Incubi are indeed now elites and have 2 attacks base, and their place as bodyguards has been taken by the 'Court of the Archon' which is a retinue like an inquisitors. There are many options in there for increasing the poison of your weapons, aliens with FNP and so on and so forth. Great fun.

Yes Wyches and Warriors have 'vamped up' versions that are elites, almost the same but all of them have LD9 and 2A and have options to take more special weapons.

Sadly disintegrators are no longer plasma cannons, they are S5 AP2 Heavy 3. Still nasty, but they were worse. On the plus side, ravagers are now allowed to move 12" and fire all weapons biggrin.gif

There are many MANY cool things you can do to these units but im not going into it all now, this should be more than enough to make people drool enough to start preordering. I know I have biggrin.gif

Cheers all, Ronin
Here are my videos from Games Day UK 2010 :D

There is just sooo much stuff going around atm its hard where to being. I will just try to post compilations for the time being.
Some things revealed at Games Day:
isotope99 from BOLS
Originally Posted by Dragearen

Fast, skimmer, open-topped (no surprise there)

Raider AV 10 10 10
Ravager AV 11 11 10

Ravager armed with three dark lances (seems to be standard, no idea about upgrades)
Able to fire all three weapons at cruising speed (12"?)

Reavers (don't know if these are troops or fast attack? My guess is they stay fast)

+1T, but only armour save 5+ (rather than the Eldar version that gives 3+)
36" turbo boost (so should be no objective you can't contest on the final turn)

They're armed with a splinter rifle but their main attack seems to be their blades (mono-something vanes). These had a fairly lengthy description and I can't remember all of it but it basically seemed to function like that bomb the ork Deffkoptas can have in that you pass over/near a unit and instead of charging it you inflict hits as you pass so the enemy can't immediately strike back. Presumably you can use this to soften the enemy up before engaging them with wyches etc.

There were some extra upgrades to increase the strength of the hits, inflict more of them etc.

Wyches (troops as standard I think)

Upgradable weapons that provide bonuses to the unit, or reduce the enemy's stats (didn't see the rules on these?)

Archon(didn't see any of his wargear)
WS/BS: 7 S/T/W: 3 I: 7 A: 3or4? Ld: 9 or 10? Save: 5+
Phil Kelly said that the cube he's carrying on the front of the codex and one of the models doubles his strength if he can kill an independent character or monstrous creature. (Instant death versus any strength 6+ weapon )

Incubi/Warriors (didn't see these pages, I think the Incubi might be moving to elites from HQ to fill the Wyches' slot)

Mandrakes (The glowing yellow guys on the cover, so I would expect there to be models but can't confirm)

They strike from the shadows and get more powerful after they've tasted blood (not sure if this is just fluff or if it will be represented by some special rules).

That's pretty much all I have. So far the glass cannon theme is well intact, the prospect of facing a squad of long fangs able to nobble two vehicles per turn is pretty terrifying.

I don't think we can tell what their strengths are going to be yet but I expect lots of reserves, wyches assaulting out of their open-topped raiders and super fast reavers providing cover saves for the vehicles and contesting objectives late.
Almost forgot, Harlequins are in.

Didn't see any new types, just the Shadowseer and Death Jester, but maybe they are on a page that wasn't available.

With the shadowseer in, my guess is that they won't be allowed to ride in the raiders, they are after all pretty independent.
Gren Acid from BOLS
So I was talking with Phill for a while and this is what I know:

Mandreaks are shadow bit chaos thing that eats souls and glow green(you on cover)
New character former DE queen..and Vects wive....after he dump her, she started planning revange on him.

This is about rules ect.
Power from Pain- After destroying non-vehicle unit, DE gets on winners pain token.
One token on unit and DE have FnP
2 on and FC
3 on and fearless
Tokens are cumulative and rule army wide.

Reavers inflicts impact hits on units they fly trough. D3 S3 for each bike, with some options to improve.
Incubi are very simmilar to aspect warriors; exarch witch special powers and wepons....(i recall one with Preffered enemy).
Wyches have 3 diffrent wych weapons.....look nice.
Archon have new retinue of some nasty bodyguards, incubi ale elite mercenaries now.
Ravager can shoot al three lances on cruising speed.
Drlove42 from BOLS
Harlequins are identical to their craftworld eldar...smae statlines, wargear and points

Mandrakes have some kind of shooting attack that gets stronger with every kill they make

3 Brand new units, never before seen in DE codex

Incubi are hard. And I meant HARD. Yes they're only T3, S3, with a 3+ save, but their (power) weapons add +1 to strength and 2 attacks basic. Their squad leader (WS5, 3 Attacks) has a weapon that either gives him +2 attacks or +2 S. Also he has a power that him, and any member of the squad that rolls a 6 to hit gets another attack add infinitium.

Archon is WS 7 BS 7, but doesn't have full wargear wardrobe like in last codex (least not that I saw)

Didn't read much of the fluff at the beginning, but theres a big story with DE and Tau. And then a story about how after Iyanden defeat the Nids they're nearly wiped out by an Ork incursion. They keep waking more and more wraith constructs until the DE come and rescue them because "they're amused by the Eldars necromantic games"
Warriors have 4 statlines on their codex page. Like a Eldar aspect squad has 2, one for the unit, one for the exarch the DE warriors had 4. Can't remember any more than that, but suggests multiple upgrade units for a squad maybe?
ArchonCryx from 40konline
SO Games Day has passed, at last we get a first good look, and the view seems magnificent.

We seem to have a "dartboard Codex" at last - ie a codex where vurtually any combination of units will be some how competitive!

Ok, Archon can have a Blaster, (or a Blaster Pistol). Blasters are now 18" range and the Archons BS7 means you're hitting on a third of your 1's to hit!

SO expect it to hit!

The reavers get access to a Melta Blaster, ie it's a S8 Blaster with Lance and Melta specvial rules (yep, both).

Raiders are more expensive but freek me alive they actually have a whole *host* of upgrades that you want to use, all either 5 or 10pts extra.

The 2 I remember strongly is the one that gives you an extra 2D6" movement (thus the raiders can potentially move up to 36")
and thwe new "Extra Armour must always take upgrade for DE will be the 5++ invulnerable save (yes, for a vehicle) INVULNERABLE save, *not* cover

Let's see. New units. 2 new heavy support, one is a razorwing, the other completely new.

New transport - you can run Venoms now (6 capacity).

Warriors and wyches are troops. HOWEVER< you can also buy elite warriors and elite wyches (who have a fancy name that I forget). Elites has become very busy with the addition of Harlequins along with the new Incubi

Pain points are cool, Haemonculi have the ability to confer a free pain point on units they attach to. It is also one of the combat drug results.

We do lose the 12" assault option but since we gain 36" move units and transports, its little concern.

Dark Matter spam is gone with a more realistic allocation of heavy/special weapons mainly based on squad size. Similarly for reavers

Hellions are quite good now.

And Scourges are the real Dark Horse - they look like being a very popular choice for heavy support. Personally I love the idea of a haywire grenade launcher which should be a bit of fun!

Umm, there's two types of talos, a more or less familiar one and a less tough version that's cheaper.

Grotttesques have bulked out and are reminiscent of Ogryn stats.

That should further whet your appetite...
Anaximander from BOLS
Warriors - same str, T and BS as before. Armed with splinter rifle. Couldn't find stats on splinter rifle - anyone know?
Ahrha(question) and The Madman(answer) from BOLS
I really hope the Shadowfield makes the cut, it softens the pain of having toughness 3.

The Madman:

someone asked that while i was there, its still in and from what he said, it's still the same.
Just some stuff for anyone who doesn't go on the BOLS forums.

Wyches are keeping their 6+/4++ save, and it is possible(not confirmed) that the Venom will be the same or very very similar as in the old Harlequin codex.
A Dark Eldar picture has surfaced, its a picture of the new Dark Eldar warriors. They look allot better than the old ones for sure!

Has the first image of the Dark Eldar surfaced? These do look really cool and you can just make out the text Incube under one of them.
If this is what the models look like they will be FRICKIN AWESOME!!!

A nice rumours summary over at Dakka Dakka has been posted on BOLS. I hope there are many female heads on the sprues but I guess there will be just 1 female and 19 male ones.
Release in November (confirmed by GW). Preorder on 13th October.
First official presentation by Jes Goodwin on GD UK (26th September), models also on display at GD Germany (17th October).

First Wave Minis
Codex (written by Phil Kelly)
3 metal blisters
3 metal boxes
6 plastic boxes
1 Special item.

5 of the 6 plastic boxes are, as confirmed by Harry:
Warriors (male and female, no top knots )
Wyches (male and female, include at least one head with a blank faceplate like the Shadowseer)
Raider (including warriors hanging from its side, modelled by Aly Morrison)
Ravager/Slaughterer (! new variant)
Strongly expected to be the 6th box is the Reaver jetbike.

Metal Boxes seem to be Mandrakes, Incubi and maybe Talos (can also be plastic or later).

Metal Blisters may be new character, Archon and Wych Lord.

There will be a 1.5 and 2nd wave next year, maybe including a battleforce, maybe not. Avian heard a long time ago that these will be January and March, but this seems unlikely now.

Most miniatures done by Jes Goodwin over the last few years, but Juan Diaz, Seb Perbett and Aly Morrison also made a few. Aly Morrison made the warriors hanging from the Raider.

Harlequins are in, Avatar not so much.
Talos will be bigger and have more variants, so probably will be a later plastic kit (<- rumour by Frgt/10 ).
Found this over at 40K Online, never heard of this guy before so treat with salt though allot of what he is saying others have said as well :D
Originally Posted by Prince Sliscus
The models are amazing and i have permission to post my pics as soon as uk gamesday arrives.


I've also heard the fluff and it was abit different to the rulebook. If i remember correctly basically before the fall Commoragghh was the scum shack of the empire where all the criminals went etc... redlight discrict watnot... anyway, when it survived the fall (not just because it was in the webway but i cant remember the other reasons), they realised that even though their bodies didn't age (as such) thier minds did (or something along those lines), and to stave off slaanesh they found a way to capture the suffering of other beings with their technology, therefore staving off the thirst abit longer, hence why they need constant slaves.

Now i would have posted this bit in the rumours forum but its not officially an announcment so if its in the wrong place feel free to edit or move this mods!

They will be up for october pre-order on the 13th.

Now i had 3 sources, one of which conflicted with the other 2 but this is taking into account what they all said...

The first wave consists of 6 plastic boxes for sure

Raider - plastic
Ravager/Slaughterer - plastic
Wyches - pastic
Warriors - plastic
Hellions - plastic
Reaver Jetbikes - plastic

3 Metal Boxes

3 Blisters
New Character
New Archon
New Wych Lord

The only thing that is abit sketchy here is that 2 told me talos is metal, one told me plastic but that was probably a simple mistake. And also one told me that the new reavers if not with 1st wave (apparently they were still deciding at the time) will come out with the new eldar jetbikes and super heavy plastic kit around xmas/january before the new kemri early next year. Scourges and warp beasts etc... are 2nd wave and i think the current heamy models are staying the same for a time.
Finally something new happening in regards to Dark Eldar. It seems most Dark Eldar models have been taken off the trade lists Bitsandkits gets once a month.
Its not much but its some good news. The battle force, incubi and talos remaining, does that mean they wont get updated models? or are GW trying to get rid of the last of their stock before the new release?

Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
I just got my updated order list and Dark eldar have all but gone from it only the battle force ,incubi and talos remain on the list everything else is gone including the codex.
So the clock has started ticking they are on the way, but bear in mind this happened with the Sisters and Deamon hunters months ago
Some rumours from Harry over at Warseer, should be treated as rumours though you can see it as the first wave release confirmation.
Originally Posted by Harry
OK it is a day early but tomorrow is a busy day and I will not get in till late. So to avoid posts asking 'where are the rumours???' ...

Apologies to anyone that did not want to know but you can always read no further and put me on your ignore list or just assume (correctly as it happens) that these are just rumours pieced together from scraps of information and as a result may turn out to be completely wrong. :D

Also ... No big surprises. In fact a couple of members got very close when they were guessing Scryers six on previous threads.

I have heard the odd snippet about 5 different plastic kits. The fact that I have heard about these at all and how long ago I heard about them suggests to me that these are first wave releases.

Warriors. (Obviously)
Wyches. (I mentioned these on an early thread when I said they were burning the old ones).
and Hellions.

I have since heard about the 6th kit in a couple of places and it is also an obvious choice.

I have not heard anything about a Battleforce.
But I have heard about a 1.5 wave so MajorWesJanson's suggestion above makes sense.

Although I don't think the 1.5 and 2nd wave are coming quite as quickly as suggested by Avian in the first post.

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