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Originally Posted by Ravingbantha View Post
I'm interested in seeing just how viable the suits of armor really are as far as mobility goes. SM armor has always seemed far to bulky to be useable, expecially in CC.
If you mean in a real world application I would think it something similar to a Terran Marine suit. From what I understand the suit has motors and such to assist in movement. The Japanese are working on it, Im sure they have been working on it for the past 300 years, as we speak. About CC, I would think of it as someone wielding a 2h weapon even if its a 1h weapon. Your movements might be slower and not as graceful as if you were unarmoured but you are protected vs the other guys cc weapon and if you hit you are probably putting 100-300kg of force behind the blow. I guess you could compare it to having 100-300kg on a benchpress with a sharp pole then have someone drop it on you. Might not be a fast hit but when you hit you destroy the target. Technically you could probably just grab the target and squish them but with slow moment you need a weapon to get a bit more reach. Just my thoughts on the subject...

They claim they are developing them to help people with movement problems, weak muscles etc. There are some that can take up to 50kg of weight on one arm already. Give it 10 more years and you will probably be able to lift 1 ton or two.
There are many applications for such a suit, you could lift a car that has tipped over to help the people trapped inside for instance. Road crews, hospitals, police and not to mention the military would be sectors interested in such tech.

Would be funny if the Japanese already had the tech perfected and a japanese reporter would be taken hostage in Iraq, japan sends 3 people to deal with it, all in power suits, and the wtf pwn the hostiles.
I guess in the future regular infantry will all be running around with miniguns, 50-100 cal machine guns/cannons strapped to their arms etc etc etc.

If anyone can do it the Japanese can :D

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