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The killa kan wall with the KFF is a tough nut to crack. As other have said the counter to it speed and mobility. Going up in points is only going to allow him to add deffdreads or more kans to his armored wall. RAcing around the wall and firing at the ork units behind the wall is what you want to reduce the ork boyz but you also need shots at the kans to take them out.
The kan wall is like a sledgehammer but only if it hits so making sure to keep out of assualt range is important when you go to move your units in range to shot. The kans are also piloted by grots so they can shot better than regular orks so keep that in mind if you get into rokkit range.
A Necron Lord with Vail can zip a squad behind the wall to blast at the orks. Destroyers and heavy destroyers can move and blast the kans and orks.

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